27 February 2015

New ish.

Thanks to a lot of snow days the past couple weeks and some sweet people who are buying my designs, I have four new door hangers to post. Thanks for all the love guys! And if you are interested in any of these, visit my ETSY SHOP. I'm happy to meet you local guys, EMAIL me if interested or use the code "IMLOCAL" at checkout. xoxo

26 February 2015

Happy Birthday, Susan!

Two posts today to wish my mother-in-law a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We love you!! 

Raise your hand if you love florals!

My hand is raised high! And can we just talk about how much I love this movie! I really love quoting it, mostly in everyday life and not while actually watching it. This has to be one of my favorite lines from the movie.. that and.... 

25 February 2015

a.rhea design shop

Just a friendly reminder that my etsy shop is open for business! I've got 3 new designs to add, as soon as I can get them photographed :). Click HERE if you would like to shop! And for local pick up-- just enter promo code "IMLOCAL" and we can set that up! Or just text or EMAIL me for a local order! 

24 February 2015

snow day 58,435,765,982,309,412

I'm officially to the point where I am SO bored and I don't want to spend anymore time in my house. Can I just get a quick trip to Target or something?! 

It's pretty but... I'm over it!!

This is seriously my worst nightmare.. I drove in snow ONCE in college, after my dad gave me strict instructions not to leave my house if it snowed. I decided it was really important to run to the store about 10 minutes into a snow.. I ran off the road, nearly missed a street sign 3 blocks from my house! THREE BLOCKS!!! My car stayed right there for three days. I have been terrified ever since. 

19 February 2015

DIY Curtains + Buffet Search

I can't believe I'm finally blogging about something that I have worked on for so long! I have been looking for a china cabinet for our dining room since last May! I finally found one right before our wedding, decided I needed a matching buffet and the search continued... OH, and I made those fabulous curtains, YEAH, handmade! (More on that after the jump)

17 February 2015

Dresser/Entertainment Center Rehab..

I finally found a dresser to make into an entertainment center for our home, I shared the road to rehab HERE a couple weeks ago. The hardest part of this whole project was finding a piece of furniture... oh, and picking a paint color!

16 February 2015

Productive Weekend!

Saturday was beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL! I was finally able to break out the Christmas tools and get to work. I was so afraid that it would snow today (and it did) and I would be inside and bored...  so I cut a little extra. 

02 February 2015

Weekend, weekend..

Creepy picture, huh? The weekend excitement was at an all-time high. I'm driving my second piece of furniture home on Saturday... yes, second! I finally had a successful trip to the antique store...

01 February 2015

I feel like it's 2002....

I really think when I started driving gas was $1.07 a gallon. I remember I could fill up my car for $14 dollars. My gas allowance was $25 dollars a month and I don't think I really ever went over that! Isn't that crazy?
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