Easter Weekend 2022

01 May 2022

We had a very fun Easter weekend! The girls loved Easter last year so I was really looking forward to it again this year. We tried to pack in lots of events, the weather didn't really cooperate but we made the most of it! 

Both girls had Easter parties at school on the Thursday before. They were so excited! They got to take their baskets and do egg hunts with their classmates. Emmy is looking kind of grown up! 

Kate was thrilled to wear her bunny dress again and they even dyed eggs at school! 

On Saturday morning, we went to the egg hunt at our church. They had to move everything inside because of rain and it was kind of wild! But the girls loved it and found lots of eggs. I love the picture of them holding hands above. They can be so sweet to each other. 

Love how silly these girls are. Lots of attempts at a picture here. I picked my favs :)

Then we move across the street to the real party! Emily was not about to take a picture with the Easter bunny. Kate was very reluctant but ended up doing it. They had bounce houses and Kate loved the obstacle course one! She did it over and over and over.. she would wait in line for 10 minutes for this thing. I love the picture of her in line, she looks so little! 

There were tons of fun foods and the girls were super excited about cotton candy. Kate's face does not show this. Her excitement quickly faded.. she didn't like it! I can't believe it. Seriously shocked. 

Emily played with this game board forever. She was so confused when she completely filled it up. I didn't teach her how to drop all the circles. Haha. 

We went home, napped and then enjoyed some sweet treats. The girls (And me!) are obsessed with Yasso bars these days. We also tried to enjoy as much outside time as we could since there was so. much. rain. over the weekend. 

The next morning the girls were excited to see all the gifts the Easter bunny and their grandparents left! Emily only cared about the candy and would have eaten every single piece if we allowed. 

They finally got to wear their sweet little dresses that they picked at Dillard's. They looked perfect and precious. We made them take pictures outside and the result was less than wonderful but I still love them. My beautiful babes. 

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter :) XOXO

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