A Day at the State Capitol

08 May 2022

These sweet girls LOVE the State Capitol. They talk about it all the time, they think mommy works there-- which is probably why they love it so much! And they call it out every time we pass by on the interstate. They have been asking to go in for a while now so we finally did and they loved it. Honestly, I did too. 

The girls ended up coming to my office (which is across the street) for my little office birthday party. So we took a walk across the street and walked through after we loaded up on cookies and juice. They were happy to pose for alllll the pictures. 

Really interested in the tunnel. Always asking about the tunnel! 

This is "Daddys old Supreme Court!"

Oh, I just really love them! Especially when they do this sweet little pose. 

They couldn't get enough and have asked SO MANY TIMES when they can go back and visit. Kate kept asking where my office was. I kept telling her it's not in the Capitol. When I took her to the Governor's Conference Room I told her that's where I have meetings with the Governor. So we had to go in and show her exactly which chair mommy sits in. It was adorable! XOXO


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