Kate's FOURTH Birthday Party!

22 September 2021

Can't believe my biggest, little girl is FOUR! We had such a great time celebrating Kate last weekend. I love putting together parties and I'm so excited we finally got to have one for these sweet girls. 

I was so worried that it was going to rain. The chances just kept getting worse so I stopped working on the backyard... then it didn't rain. But oh well. Kate won't remember there were leaves and dying azaleas, she'll just remember the fun. Gotta keep telling myself that! 

Kate's cake turned out a little different than I intended.. but it was still cute and tasted excellent! I use the same place every single time and the taste never disappoints! 

We went with a Tangled/Rapunzel theme. I say we... Kate was between Rapunzel and Merida/Brave but I pushed Rapunzel since it would be SO MUCH EASIER than green, gold and red! And yes, if you've been around here.. she did have the same theme last year. But COVID and only her family attending so no problem. 

I had these fantastic balloon garlands made and added these super fun flowers I found from Target. I actually bought them for Emily's birthday but lost them until about a month ago. Love them! 

Also had these cute little pretzel sticks (fairy wands) made with dipped icing and sprinkles. I made the fun charcuterie cups myself and had so much fun making them. I really want to be one of those people who puts fancy boards together so this is one of my first attempts. I tried to keep this very COVID friendly. 

I tried to incorporate my theme wherever I could. I made "Golden Flower" mimosa punch.. forgot the Magic in the title. Served food in cast iron skillets. Really trying here! 

I also had these cute little "paint brushes" made, they are rice krispies with dipped icing and sprinkles. The kids loved them! And yes... I need an ' on the sign. I know, I know. I really, really loved how all the food and such turned out. 

I also really wanted to tackle a life-sized Rapunzel coming out of Kate's window with a braid. The back of our house is not very pretty. That's a way of saying it nice. So I thought it might add something other than cords and nothing. Kate loved it and was so sad when we took her down. 

I'm so happy the rain held off! The kids had so much fun playing outside. It was so hot. But turned out fantastic. 

Sweet little girlfriends. Love this!  

I got worried that the kids would not have enough to do so I tried to order this sweet little picnic table from IKEA. They wouldn't ship it and I couldn't find it in the Memphis store, so I asked my MIL to bring hers for coloring and such. It was a huge hit! I've been telling Brian for sometime that we needed one. Now I KNOW we need one. 

Kate had so much fun opening her presents. She loved it! And she got so many fun, sweet things from her friends and family. I love that all the kiddos were watching and playing and having a blast while she was opening. And it was nice to get some AC! 

I swear I didn't see Emily for the whole two hours. She played so hard and was so friendly with everyone. We were opening presents and she stumbled over to me and took a seat. My sweet, sweet baby girl! 

I think Kate really enjoyed the cake and signing. She's acted almost scared and embarrassed in the past but I think she loved it. Surrounded by her friends and family was exciting to her. I love the look on her face in the pictures below. I'm so glad that one of her friends mamas snapped these for me! 

I snapped this one as everyone was leaving. She was watching as everyone left and it was sweet, yet sad. She did not want the party to end. She also knew that Lucy would be there soon and was excited! So many emotions! 

I don't know if I've ever mentioned how much the girls love when the Amazon truck comes! They can't get enough. They basically bombard the driver and snatch the package. A birthday gift came right as the party ended and it was pure joy for BOTH girls! 

Kate got this dress for her birthday and wore it for two solid days. She would still be wearing it if we didn't have to wash it. And as soon as it comes out today, she'll have it on! PLUS the heart of Te Fiti. Which is like her favorite thing ever. She only talked about getting this for about three months leading up to her party. 

After the party, the Gardners and the Caldwells stayed for the weekend. We had 6 adults and 6 kids that were 4 and under stay at our house! It was loud, fun and exhausting! I think Kate really had such a fantastic time playing and spending time with all her friends. It was a special weekend for our special girl! XOXO


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