Fabulous (Almost) Fall Weekend!

16 September 2021

We had such a fun weekend in NWA with family last weekend. The girls had a blast playing with our cousin, Kai and staring at baby Camden! It was a blast and makes me so ready for fall! 

I don't know that I could even start to put these pictures in order so I'm not going to try. Blame it on laziness.. whatever. We went to NWA after work on Friday and had fun eating BBQ and watching the kiddos play. Everyone went to bed late but whatever goes when playing with cousins! 

The next morning we got up and went to Farmland Adventures. The kids loved it and got absolutely filthy with fun and nasty dried corn. 

Adorable sisters. And here I am... putting pictures in order! 

The sunflower and wildflower patch was so fun! We spent a lot of time here and got some really sweet pictures. 

Corn maze was fun.. until Emily kind of gave out. I think she was exhausted! 

So we went home and all napped together. Then took a trip over to see my grandma and nonno. They are about to move and are cleaning out everything. Kate got the old paper dolls and she will not stop talking about them! Love it! 

When we got back, the boys had already left for the Razorback game so we had lots of girl + Kai and Camden play time! It was a really fun night. 

Love this little mama and her heart for her babies!

BIG smiles and allll the cousins before we left town. Love going to visit these sweet cousins and family! Looking forward to the next time. XOXO

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