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22 July 2015

I guess it's something that happens as we get older-- I can't have pizza 3 days a week and not workout, can't lay in the tanning bed for fear of skin cancer, burnett's vodka is totally out of the picture, no pulling all nighters because I can sleep all day long, and most importantly... no going to bed with makeup on! The last point is something I have never paid much attention to but realize I was so wrong!

I started noticing my skin wasn't looking too hot and that not wearing makeup wasn't really an option anymore. Last year, around wedding and showers time, I swear we were in pictures every other day and I didn't like what I saw. After one shower, I saw a picture and my face did not look good. I decided it was time to throw out all my old makeup and start over again. Maybe a tinted moisturizer wasn't enough for me anymore, and blush.. I probably need that. 

So I went to the clinique counter at Dillard's and worked with the best makeup artist, I learned so much! And bought sooo much. Now I know what I'm looking for, the importance of a good makeup brush and really how to apply. Full disclosure, I have never really cared that much or had an interest in makeup. In my opinion, I've never required very much. BUT my skin has seemed to get oily-er over time, constantly talking on the phone at work has caused breakouts around my chin and gosh-darn-it, it's time to care! 

A couple months ago I had breakout after breakout and knew it had to end. I had developed a nightly routine before but didn't quite stick to it. Now I am religious about it... oh and facials. I am a total facial fan- hydrating, chemical peel, i don't care.. I love them. PS. If you are in central Arkansas and need/want a facial, please do yourself a favor and go to Carly Westerman. She is the absolute best and an all around amazing person! You can find her on FACEBOOK or at ACCENTS SALON in Conway.

So here's what I do... 

Morning and night- I've got it down. I usually start the morning with my CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT EYES SERUM, followed by CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT EYES CREAM and OIL OF OLAY HYDRATING CREAM to wrap up the moisture phase. I let that sit and dry for a bit then start my makeup routine. I wouldn't say I have acne but for good measure I've started using the CLINIQUE ACNE SOLUTIONS LIQUID FOUNDATION and I LOVE it! I haven't had a breakout since. It's so smooth and covers just how I need it to, without being too heavy. 

While we're talking about makeup- I've got to tell you about my new CLINIQUE CONTOURING CHEEK PALETTE. This stuff is awesome. Last time I went in to restock, the artist talked me into it and I LOVE IT! I think I have defining roses but will check on that ;) AND my new mascara, I bought this because, let's be honest, it was cheap and I had a $2.00 coupon from Kroger... best. purchase. almost. ever. I love it!!! My lashes are long so I don't need a lot of help but geez they look great with this, I get so many compliments too! Buy it, SUPER SIZER by Covergirl

I've noticed my makeup lasts the whole day and I usually only have to re-apply my lip color, which I love but wish it lasted longer! I've worn it for years and I'm just not ready to make a change. Most of my makeup is a mix of Clinique and Merle Norman. You can find my lip color HERE. I'm a Cocoa Buff fan. 

On to the nightly routine which seems like it takes forever!! I use the NEUTROGENA NATURALS cleanser most nights, sometimes I'm lazy and use the NEUTROGENA FACIAL WIPES. Followed by the NEUTROGENA PORE REFINING TONER.  I follow up with the above eye products, the All About Eyes Serum and the cream. Then I use this awesome MURAD AGE SPOT AND PIGMENT LIGHTENING SERUM. I read about this in a magazine as being the best, I'm a sucker so I ordered it. I really like it and I think when used constantly, it works. I have some skin damage, a lot in the form of freckles and in the summer it's bad. We're talking freckle 'stache. I've also seen some improvement on my nose. I'm all for improvement!! I follow this all up with a moisturizer-- and I rotate. I really love Murad products, the more I use the more I really like them-- this MURAD HYDRO DYNAMIC moisturizer is like butter. It's so great! Since it's been summer and hot, I've been using this CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE INTENSE pretty regularly. Usually during winter I use something heavier and I always go back to my trusty OIL OF OLAY AGE DEFYING ANTI WRINKLE NIGHT CREAM.

Sooo.. that seemed like it was a lot of talk about products. But I've learned, it really takes a village. It's worth it because my skin looks and feels better than it has in a really long time. And during the day, I feel great. I am in the habit during the summer taking my makeup off when I get off of work. I feel like the more time my skin has to breathe, the better. Same goes for weekends, I try to stay mostly makeup free.

Send me any products you love, I'm always open to try new ones! And any thoughts on the clarisonic/or other similar brushes. I think I'm wanting to give one a shot.


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