homemade pizza night

09 July 2015

Last week I made homemade pizza and BOY was it a process. I homemade my dough which took the most time! Eeek! Luckily I started early and had plenty of time for the dough to rise and turn out extra yum. 

I blogged about our fabulous, delicious, YUM pizza from Eataly in New York. I have wanted this pizza ever since. A new place has opened by our house, The Pizzeria at Terry's and y'all, it's good! Like so close to Eataly. I've already got off track-- I'm trying to say I wanted the darn pizza we had in NYC. So I tried it myself-- Prosciutto, olives, mushrooms, parsley and basil (grown by yours truly!) fresh mozzarella AND then OOPS. I had every intention to add the artichokes and there was something else... i totally forgot! There was a lot going on in that kitchen.

I also made a BBQ pizza-- we are big fans of the California Pizza Kitchen one :) It was delish. Chicken, BBQ sauce, red onion, smoked gouda, mozzarella.. I can't remember now, it's been a week! The point I'm trying to make was homemade pizza is so much work but so worth it. We loved! 


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