The Perfect Moscow Mule

08 March 2015

Hands down-- my drink of choice right now (besides wine) is a Moscow Mule. I don't really remember when we tried these for the first time. Luckily, we were getting married shortly after and had the bright idea to add the fabulous copper mugs to our registry... :) 

We registered (and received, thanks!) for the Oggi 20 Ounce MUG and absolutely love them! I also think THIS ONE is adorable and pretty :) You can pretty much find these anywhere now. I saw some at target today for $9.99 each and I've seen them for super cheap at TJ Maxx. And while we're linking up-- HERE you can find the white cocktail napkins. 

Where were these last year? Who has been hiding this delicious drink from us?! Last night we celebrated Erin's birthday at Local Lime. They've even got a Mexican Mule made with tequila. 

Moscow Mule
(must use copper mug or this most definitely won't taste the same!)
fill your cup with ice, lots of ice!
2 oz vodka
5 ounces ginger beer
juice from one half lime
MIX, yum, repeat. 

This was my attempt at an artsy picture. Then it looked too busy and you don't use a lemon.. I just liked the color.. scratch this picture for Instagram. But it passes the blog test. 
We've also tried this recipe with muddled raspberries and it was equally delicious! (Thanks Scott!!) 

So there you go... try it! I'm sure you will love it. I really love this because it has a crisp, refreshing taste to it. And try one when you are out too! But be prepared if you are at Maxine's Tap Room in downtown Fayetteville... must leave drivers license to "check out" a copper mug! 


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