Another Plywood Weekend...

24 March 2015

I had a couple Etsy orders last week so I took that as a chance to work on some new designs. You should have seen the office with 6 shapes and paint thrown all over the place! 
We had a really busy weekend at the Johnston house. Lots of time with friends and even more basketball! I didn't really have time to work on Saturday but devoted the day to crafting and painting on Sunday. I even started a really cool project for my brother that I can't wait to share!

I made this one for my friend Shana... it's based off the navy one I made for my mom a few weeks ago. I love the bow on this one! And the colors, so fun! You can shop this design HERE

Per the request of my in-laws, I made this cute baseball. Now I know baseball is for the most part a manly sport.. but what about all those moms who have boys playing but want something cute on their door for support? Yeah, this ones for you-- HERE

I've made this one a million times it seems now-- but this one has a new blue bow. You can find it and the other Arkansas/American flags-- HERE

I know it's not football season yet but at least I'll be ready when everyone else is ready ;) I love this football, simple but cute. You can find it HERE

I saved the cutest for last. How fun is this watermelon?! I actually sold it the minute I posted it to facebook/instagram. So, so fun! I can personalize this anyway you want-- family name, welcome, red or pink-- you pick. Check it out, HERE

So that was fun.. I really like making these. It's fun coming up with new ideas-- hopefully I will have a couple more sometime soon. 

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