Wedding Part I of MANY!

30 December 2014

I just realized this week that I never blogged about our wedding! Ahhh, I can't believe it. So here goes-- part one of probably way too many posts about all things Johnston Wedding.........

It was a beautiful day-- the weather was perfect but the whole day was just more than we could have ever dreamed about. The moment we said our vows was the most amazing moment I've ever felt in my life!!

So let's start with the day of, September 13th, 2014. We had a delicious bridal brunch at the church hosted by all of my aunts. This is where the story almost ended.. I got so sick! I very calmly snuck myself out of brunch so early (so sorry!). I laid in bed for almost an hour before making myself leave for my hair appointment, 20 minutes late. (dang you early wedding!!) Get to the hair salon, so dizzy, can not pull myself off the bench to get my hair done. Almost two hours after I was scheduled to get my hair done, I'm finally in the chair! So there we go, we're already two hours behind and I can barely keep my head up. But you know what, this is the happiest day of my life so I'm going to suck it up. Finally by makeup time, I'm feeling somewhat human.

So I'm late, so late! I'm supposed to meet Brian at the church for our first look at 11, I think?! Pushed it back til closer to noon, watch him from the window pull up and my heart stops as I watch him get out of the car. He looks so handsome, this is about to be my husband! I'm better now, I'm tough and I'm not going to let myself be sick on this wonderful, happy day. It's time! 

My bronlaw escorted me over to the church, I'll never forget this time with him. He's really the best person. It was finally time to surprise my groom. This moment was so exciting, so fun! AND I'll share it with you on the next post ;) 

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