I love Christmas Cards!

29 December 2014

I am so obsessed with Christmas Cards! I've sent them every year since I think I was in middle school-- I always look forward to picking them out, writing the letters and designing adorable return address labels (this is a newer obsession!). And I really, really love receiving cards!......

I was so excited this year to be able to make a fancy picture one on shutterfly-- since we're finally married. I waited (not very) patiently for our wedding pictures to come back to design the card. In the meantime I found this adorable frame with chicken wire and a wreath on pinterest that I could make to hold all of our cards. I know, chicken wire never sounds adorable.

Sooo, I made it... early! I hung it on the wall in the dining room... early, like really early. Brian would ask what it was every few days, I could tell he didn't really like it. Then it happened! (like a month later!) The first Christmas card came and they didn't stop! My husband finally got it. It's adorable, we love it and I can't take it down! I also can't see half of my cards at this point because it's so full-- maybe next year, smaller wreath??

And our adorable Johnston card :) Did I mention we had matching return address labels? 


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