31 December 2014

Wedding Reveal

Part II: This was my favorite part! The reveal. I'm probably going to share way too many pictures. This was so fun! I couldn't wait to see the look on his face and it was priceless. I absolutely love these pictures......

30 December 2014

Wedding Part I of MANY!

I just realized this week that I never blogged about our wedding! Ahhh, I can't believe it. So here goes-- part one of probably way too many posts about all things Johnston Wedding.........

29 December 2014

I love Christmas Cards!

I am so obsessed with Christmas Cards! I've sent them every year since I think I was in middle school-- I always look forward to picking them out, writing the letters and designing adorable return address labels (this is a newer obsession!). And I really, really love receiving cards!......

18 December 2014

Made with love.

One night I was browsing pinterest (which has become a nightly obsession) and I found all these metal stamped wooden utensils. I might have immediately pulled up by my amazon app and ordered this set......

O Tannenbaum.....

My very last Christmas gift came in the mail yesterday (!!)..........

16 December 2014

Christmas at the J's.... Mantel edition.

I absolutely love my house this year! I wanted to use all real greenery, because I LOVE the smell and we've got a fake tree.. soooo I've got to make it smell nice somehow! I've got one boxwood wreath left from the wedding :( I wanted to tie it on a mirror, like I've seen so many times on pinterest. I had to flip my mirror so it would be tall enough and it worked!.......

25 November 2014

10 Year Reunion

Earlier this month we went to El Dorado for my 10 year class reunion! I feel like we've been planning this party for over year... wait, we have! It turned out so great! I think everyone really had a blast.....

yeah mon, no problem mon!

We had a fabulous honeymoon in Jamaica! I am officially the worst at remembering my camera-- I only got one picture of us the whole time and it's a selfie!..........

24 November 2014

China + Crystal

Last week I went to El Dorado for work and while I was there I stopped by and picked up what has come in of our crystal. The whole way home I was thinking about how perfect it's going to look with our china! The china was a gift from Brian's grandparents-- their set of beautiful Noritake china. It's so gorgeous.

Soooo... what did I do when I got home? Set the table! Friday afternoon, for no good reason. Is it bad that it's Monday and I still haven't had the heart to pack it all back up? 

I think our beautiful new white linen "J" napkins fit perfectly! Time to plan a dinner party :) 

13 November 2014

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Even though I woke up to snow (!!!!) on the ground this morning, I'm still celebrating fall! That's right, temperatures aren't supposed to jump from 70 to SNOW! 

I painted this little canvas last night after work. I saw the design on pinterest and just tried it out myself, don't worry- I won't reproduce it and sell it on etsy! ;) Just a little something for my personal collection. 

Happy FALL!! 


05 November 2014

Bridals featured on TWP!

Last month my bridal pictures were featured on the Arkansas Wedding Post, a bridal blog here in Arkansas. Check it out!! 

30 October 2014

New Car!

First official business as a married couple- purchase a new vehicle! WOOHOO!! We bought this Toyota Highlander. I absolutely LOVE it!

Snapped this picture leaving work the day after :) 

Alex Johnston

29 October 2014

Turkey Chili

The most amazing, easy chili that ever lived! My coworker, Ashley, passed this amazing recipe along to me... it's actually from the Food Network.......

28 October 2014

Reunion and Katy Perry

Earlier this month we went to Wynne for Brian's 10 Year class reunion and had such a great weekend! It was an amazing weekend complete with lots of friends, family and my mother in laws famous chocolate chip cookies! My mouth is watering thinking about them!.....

27 October 2014

Jewelry Wall

This project has probably taken me longer than any project to complete! Not because it was hard but because I just totally forgot about it. I bought all the supplies at Lowe's a few months ago... only to get home and realize I bought the wrong dowel rod and a few other things.....

04 October 2014

bridal favs

I scheduled my bridals for mid-July and I was sooo so nervous. I just knew it was going to be so hot and I would sweat all my make-up off........

02 October 2014


We're MARRIED!!! YAY! It was the most perfect September day-- the weather was amazing, the cake was so delicious, the church was breathtakingly beautiful, the reception was just perfect and the man was/is everything I could ever ask for! I have so much more I want to write about the wedding, I'll do it soon!.....

01 October 2014

yummy, yummy tomato soup

I have never liked tomato soup. Actually, I don't know that I had ever really tried tomato soup. I don't like tomatoes plain-- I love salsa, pico, all things of that nature. I also had never eaten a grilled cheese sandwich.....

19 August 2014

Wynne Wedding Shower

We had such a lovely shower in Wynne this past weekend! So many of the ladies from town came out and showered us with love and beautiful things! And the food was on point! :)......

14 August 2014

bachelorette party: last sail before the veil!

Last weekend we celebrated my bachelorette party in Hot Springs and it was so much fun! We battled storms and tons of rain but ended up with a few beautiful hours out on the water! The best part was catching up with everyone, we always have such great things to talk about! I love these girls more than anything!

My sister, Lauren, made the most adorable decorations and threw one heck of a party! Check it out :)

Party favors from the bride :) 

We even had fresh flowers! 

So adorable! Love the colors! 

Cheers! XOXO

13 August 2014

Penzo Family Beach Trip

Since I'm playing blog catch-up, I wanted to post about our family beach trip in early June. The whole entire Penzo family went to the beach together, just like old times! Years ago we would all go every other year and stay at Navarre Beach. As everyone got older, schedules got busy and we just stopped.

It was so great to have the whole family there for a whole week. Brian got very well acquainted with the WHOLE entire Penzo clan and it was so fun! Here are some pics!

12 August 2014

1st Wedding Shower!

I'm back with my second installment of pre-wedding pictures. This time with a post about my fabulous Little Rock shower hosted by my beautiful, wonderful friends!

They picked Cheers in the Heights, which I love!! The food was delicious, the decorations were adorable and the fellowship was the best! I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

11 August 2014

Engagement Pictures

I'm backkk!! 8 months and 11 days later, after I promised to blog more often. We see how well that worked :)

Anyway, I'm here to share all things wedding with you.. starting with some engagement photos. Enjoy!

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