yummy, yummy tomato soup

01 October 2014

I have never liked tomato soup. Actually, I don't know that I had ever really tried tomato soup. I don't like tomatoes plain-- I love salsa, pico, all things of that nature. I also had never eaten a grilled cheese sandwich.....

One day last fall, Brian decided he wanted grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. It sounded like the most miserable meal in the world to me! So I bought a can of tomato soup and googled how to make a grilled cheese. I know, it's easy but I figured there had to be some trick. I suffered through it and it was okay but I was not impressed.

So one day while lunching at Capitol Bar and Grill I decided I wanted the Grilled Pimento Cheese sandwich. Side note-- we had the most amazing Pimento Cheese dip at the Chancellor Hotel last year... AMAZING. Try it. So I figured the sandwich probably wasn't horrible.. it was AMAZING!! So good.

So I got on pinterest and found a similar recipe and figured out I DO like grilled cheese-- when it's made my way. LONG story short-- Erin made this soup and had tons left over, gave us some, heated it up, made a grilled cheese and it was perfect. 
I tried it myself and it is so good! 

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