Well... I've been pretty absent from my blog over the past month.. and really neglecting Motivational Monday. So I figured I'd update you on my life over the past month to play catch up. Hopefully soon things will slow down a bit and I can get back to blogging about crafts and food :) 

It's only Tuesday and my week has been not so fabulous. Early Monday morning I woke up to someone ringing my doorbell (It's not rare for me to dream about people knocking on my door/ringing the doorbell, I know right) so I assumed I was dreaming, until someone knocked and rang the bell again. I started freaking out, looked at my phone... it was 4 AM! Cue HUGE freak-out .. then they start beating! Like so loud, I opened my bedroom door and my whole apartment was bright red and all I can see if firetrucks outside. I flew the door open to find a firefighter, he comes in shining a light in my apartment, I FREAK out! Like in a loud, kind of screaming but not crying voice I say something along the lines of "OMG, what is going on, what is happening? Where do I go, what do I do?! I don't know why I'm acting like this, I feel like I'm freaking out but I feel calm but I have no idea what's going on. I think I'm still asleep." He interrupts me and is like ma'am, please calm down. You are ok, there has been a fire in the building and I'm checking to make sure you have no smoke in your apartment. I felt so bad for him, I'm sure he was doing all he could do to not laugh, my behavior was a little intense. I'm blaming it on the fact that I was uber confused and still asleep AND a little scared. So I go to the window and see this... 

You can't see everything and I'm really not trying to over hype this but I counted 10 trucks. And there were firefighters everywhere, outside, roaming down the halls... I still have no idea what happened. But it reaks... like someone burned a whole lot of bacon and popcorn.. I assume it started on my floor because the other floors don't smell. I know it was around the corner and the whole trash chute and elevator downstairs are burned pretty bad. Soooo needless to say I didn't sleep the rest of the night, the firetrucks were there for a few hours and were loud... that's another thing.. HOW in the world did I not hear these million trucks coming or outside my window. I was SO tired that night so I must have been deep in my sleep cycle. 

So then Monday afternoon it rained like crazy and somehow my car windows rolled down without my knowledge. My car interior is still soaked.. no telling how long this is going to take to air out. Just fabulous! 

Anyway, I have had some good weeks this year so far. Valentine's Day was fabulous. I got these beauties... and Brian I went on an awesome walk through hillcrest and cooked a delicious, 10+ meal! We're actually a pretty amazing team of cooks! 

Hayden got to come to work and hang with me for a little while the week prior- after a lunch date with Whitney :) 

I also did some more work to my apartment! I finally decided to paint a wall in my living/dining room area and it looks FABU! I will have to take some better pics of it and post them later.. I also moved my fabulous DIY mirror to this wall and it pops now and looks amazing! 

I also FINALLY got my long awaited drill from my Christmas list and I went to work immediately. I had these really annoying doors in my kitchen that looked like shutters and had no point but to take up space and frustrate me. The same with my bathroom... three doors in one tiny bathroom... so I had decided, when I get my drill I will take down the kitchen doors and I will remove the closet door in the bathroom and just organize it to look pretty and use lots of baskets! So I did.... and I'll post about them later but here's a preview :)  
SO much better!! Obviously my apartment isn't very clean but I snapped this quick pic to send to my mom :) 

Also, celebrated a few birthdays this past month... Sydney and Laura both turned 27! And we actually celebrated both at Boscos

And then there was more time with my favorite little 7 month old... 

And that's pretty much what's been going on! Here's hoping the week gets much better from this point out... :) xoxo