So I successfully finished the first week of my Pinterest challenge. It was not easy and I'm not going to lie I might have finished like 4 projects last night but HEY, they got finished. I would def like to slow down and actually enjoy putting these projects together. I'm super excited about tonight's-- but you'll have to wait to find out about that one. 

Day 2- Raised letters 
I really liked the idea for this... I printed out the letters like the instructions show, taped wax paper to the top and traced them with my craft puff paint. I traced "and they lived happily ever after" but when the paint dried it was practically flat and so very difficult to peel off of the wax paper. I WAS going to use the raised letters to make a canvas, mod podge the letters to that canvas and then paint it off white for a wedding gift. Better luck next time :) 

Day 3- Canvas for Baby Hayden
A few months ago my friend Whitney found this super cute canvas that she asked me to paint for her new baby Hayden. I LOVE it!! And i know when Hayden makes her appearance in July she will love it too :) By the way, this took FOREVER but so worth it!! 

Day 4- Wine Cork
This didn't have instructions because come to find out, someone actually made it and it wasn't really a DIY project. But I had already bought the drawer pull so I made do. I couldn't find any drawer pulls to buy so I stole one out of my dads cork collection, stuck the wine opener in it to help with the hole and then pretty much forced the drawer pull into the cork.   I'll probably end up buying a new cork and redoing the whole project... but it sure is a fun way to spice up your wine bottle! 

Day 5- Knock off Anthropology Metal Letters
LOVE how this project turned out! I made these for the kitchen at our lake house and I think they will look fabulous! It's really just as easy as buying the cardboard letters at hobby lobby ($2.49 each, I got mine half off) and a can of metal-like spray paint. Be careful when you take the price stickers off... I have a small blemish on my "E" because of these. After you spray, rough them up a bit with a sandpaper block and ta-da! SO cute! 

Day 6- Mason Jar Luminary
This one was pretty neat, too! My mom has been telling me she wants some cute decorations for the lake house 4th of July celebration! So I saw this project and figured, perfect!! I got a large mason jar, covered it with star stickers and sprayed it with the etching spray paint I bought at Hobby Lobby. The original used just solid red spray paint but I thought it would be pretty neat to make it look frosted instead. I love the outcome! I think I'm going to make more for the 4th... but I'm going to use smaller, wide mouth mason jars. They are sure to be a hit :) 
Day 7- Personalized Coffee Mug

I was a little skeptical when I saw this next one. Like did my parents really pay so much money when I was young for me to paint pottery?! This is really as easy as it seems... I just free handed Brian's initials (I don't drink coffee), stuck it in the oven for 25 minutes @ 300 and BAM! It probably could have cooked a little longer but I was tired. Just make sure you have something that is oven safe! 

So that's a wrap for week 1! This has already been fun. I've been rearranging my pinterest boards trying to pick out my next projects :) I'll keep you updated on my progress!!