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18 October 2022

Hello and welcome back! To my third and final blog post on NYC. I started working on a reel for our trip--still brushing up my reel skills. Stay tuned! But anyway-- our second to last morning, we started by heading over to Brooklyn for brunch. 

We took the subway over and were a little early for our reservation so we walked down to this park and checked out the city from across the way. It was so sweet, these little kiddos were playing soccer that morning. What a fun background to your soccer game, right?! 

Love this one! 

We popped back down to our brunch reservation, we ate at Chez ma Tante. Brian read that they were famous for the pancakes and we always go to Brooklyn for at least one meal. It was a homerun. Started with the oysters. I wanted oysters from the start of the trip. We actually ordered them on the second day but they were sold out! Fantastic little oyster, followed by some type of pate. It was not my favorite thing but Brian loved it. The last (main event!) was the pancakes and the blood sausage which both were 10/10! It was a cool little joint, perfect cool, sunny day--windows open and just really fantastic. 

We left Brooklyn and did some walking around back in Manhattan. Grabbed coffee and then headed to the Richard Rogers Theater for... HAMILTON! I can't believe we almost picked a different show. I actually listed to one of the songs a couple weeks ago in the car, Kate and Emily got hooked. They asked over and over again to listen to the soundtrack. So one day we turned on the musical on disney+. They are addicted. Every time Emily walks into the bathroom, she says, "Alexa play Hamilton" or "Alexa play Helpless." It's precious. They can sing more words (and rap some!) haha to this soundtrack than most can. I love it. Needless to say, the show was great. It was fantastic! 

Show, quick rest and back to it. This was our subway stop the majority of the trip. The night was so pretty as we left, I had to snap a pic! We had a dinner reservation at Le Coucou, another Michelin star, that we were super jazzed about. It did NOT disappoint. It was beautiful, fantastic and really a perfect last night in NYC meal. 

We got there a little early so we grabbed a cocktail at their perfect bar. I had to get a picture! It's seriously so pretty. I loved the vibe and the ambience of this place! It was seriously so perfect and beautiful!

The service was impeccable! We started with a fantastic bottle of wine and the bread basket. We ordered the yellowfin tuna as an appetizer.. as pictured above. It was so beautiful and flavorful and just really perfect. 

Brian in his perfection element. Any one counting how many times I've said perfect?

Had to swivel around to grab a picture-- this was a view of the kitchen. 

Second thing to come was the Ris de veau à l’estragon which was  sweetbreads, cream, tarragon, maitake mushrooms. Holy moly. I think this was both of our favorite bites. I really have no idea what I was eating but it was so amazing. The look on Brian's face as she's serving this is just pure perfection. Could be one of my very favorite photos! 

And then the main event. I know I just ordered lobster the night prior but I had to go with the lobster for this meal too. And it was slap someone good. That sauce was so rich but so perfectly perfect. Brian got the veal and I think it was one of his very favorite meals of all time. From start to finish- the entire thing. Did I mention the service? The beauty and perfection of this place? It was a 20/10. Hands down, wonderfully fantastic and deserved that star-- or more! 

We left dinner and went back to the Village for a return to Smalls Jazz Club. We went here last time and it was a homerun. We actually bought tickets early this time which that was the way to GO! You didn't have to stand in line and stress about getting it. It was so great- and we didn't have to wait until midnight. The show. That's where it got interesting. I was sitting there just thinking it sounded like noise. Usually jazz is kind of you know-- like vibing and and sometimes soothing. It's like an hour ish set so I didn't want to disturb Brian but when it was over we totally agreed, it was a kind of weird show of music. There is a type, Brian says, the style but I can't remember it now. 

Even though it was weird, it was still really awesome. When do you get to pack into a basement in Greenwich Village and listen to live jazz. It was intimate and just pretty darn cool. 

Woke up on our last morning not ready for the trip to end. Grabbed breakfast at Balthazar and enjoyed every minute of it. What an awesome NYC staple-- vintage New York. We actually were browsing instagram last week and saw that Amy Adams and Cindy Crawford had brunch here on the same morning. How did we miss them?! The decor and vibe was totally awesome. See those pretty mirrors behind Brian?

I had a tuna crudo topped with caviar. I really didn't want it to end, it was so good. We also ordered some fresh pastries and *chefs kiss* they were wonderful!! Paired with a latte and fabulous partner-- loved this meal! A nice, actually perfect little NYC morning. 

We spent after breakfast, walking back towards Eataly. It's always our last stop before we head home-- three times running now. We love walking around and looking at all the things. We were trying to figure out how to get the fresh pasta home and cook it that night. We ended up grabbing some more coffee and a couple sweet treats. Then back to our hotel to load our things and head to the airport. 

Okay now to my very favorite part of these posts-- the favorite bites, ranked. This has been hands down the hardest one yet. 

1. Al Pastor taco from Los Tacos No. 1
2. Sweetbreads at Le Coucou
3. Grandma Walking Through the Forest pasta at Rezdora
Honorable mentions: Sablefish and eel sushi at Sushi W, Black Label Minetta Burger at Minetta Tavern, Veal at Le Coucou

1. Scallop sushi from Sushi W
2. Grandma Walking Through the Forest pasta dish at Rezdora
3. Sweetbreads at Le Coucou
Honorable mentions: mozzarella appetizer at Rezdora, every single bite of sushi at Sushi W, duck terrine at Minetta Tavern, tuna app at Le Coucou.

The trip was perfect. It was all things lovely and delicious and the company was fantastic. It was nice to get away and be together--without catering to a kiddos every wish. The city was everything we wanted it to be. And the weather was simply perfect. My heart and tummy is already longing for a return. Until next time.. XOXO. 

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