New York Part 2

12 October 2022


Not sure why I like this picture so much but I do. I think it's all the nostalgia surrounding it. We really just walked the block like three times before we stopped in this place for a drink. And it was so great. But I'm jumping ahead. I'm here (in this post) to talk about day 3 in NYC. Proceed :)

Our morning started slower than the day prior. Brian ventured out for coffee and breakfast-- breakfast in bed while I sleep in. It's wild, I didn't have to make anyone's milky or present options for breakfast ideas. It was very nice. Once we got dressed and ready, we set off-- first stop was Washington Square Park for a little sitting and people watching. We relaxed for while then went toward SoHo for some shopping. We had to check out a bookstore first and then we found this cool shop where Brian hit the jackpot-- it's called Faherty and I'm sure we'll be checking out this online shop soon. 

I wanted to go to Zara, instead of shopping their site. It stresses me out so much. I got a awesome jacket but it was Brian who completely racked up. It was actually really chilly this morning. We both ended up buying jackets. Don't know if that was weather induced?

Around lunchtime we made our way down to Chelsea Market. We stopped her on our last trip but there are so many cool options for food! Brian had tacos on the brain so we went straight to the taco spot-- Los Tacos No. 1. I wish Brian would put together his thoughts on this place. We--especially he loved it! 

That pork just kept spinning and they kept cutting it off. I think this taco is on Brian's top bites list. It was fan-tastic! Brian loved the salsas too. He's a massive Mexican fan. It all hit the spot, especially after all the walking we did in the morning. After tacos, we went searching for dessert and landed on gelato...

I love gelato. 

And I love this place! 

We went back to our hotel to drop bags and rest. After a quick nap, we were ready for the night! This is when we went back to Greenwich Village and found the spot from the first picture. Which since I like it so much and I'm about to talk about it, I'm going to post it again. This is my blog and what I say goes. ;) 

I love their little coasters, love the brick and the black and the mirrors. Believe it or not, the bartender thought we were locals. IKR. I always worry about my wardrobe fitting in and not looking like a tourist. So WOOO freaking HOO. 

Left cocktails and walked to dinner... I actually can't remember if this picture was on the way to dinner or after but it was somewhere mixed in the night. 

We had dinner at Minetta Tavern. It had that vintage bistro look but a very classic NYC spot. We loved it. The vibe was awesome, the decor was so perfect and we really enjoyed our meal. They are famous for their hamburgers so that's what Brian got. I had a lobster risotto. Our appetizer was so delish-- it was a duck terrine and we loved every single bite. So fun thing- when I made all of these reservations, it would ask if there was an occasion. I just started clicking anniversary about half way in. I didn't figure anything would happen but here, right when we sat down, they brought out champagne to us and wished us happy anniversary! Love it! 

Minetta Tavern looks good on you babe. 

And this is the part of the day where everything gets a little weird. We made a reservation at this hip cocktail bar/lounge for after dinner but before our jazz show. This place I speak of.. it's called MACE. When I google, it lets me know it's one of the best 50 bars for the past 5 years. It also tells me that it's unlike any bar you've been to. And I would 7000% agree. 

I open the cocktail menu and I'm just so confused. I'm so forking confused. Somehow I land on the Pandan. Seriously, if you have some time go check out this MENU. I usually look for something with gin since it's my favorite. This mentioned coconut water, frozen, lime juice... I'm thinking maybe pina colada vibes but different. Last ingredient was pandan jelly but I'm thinking like mixed and not like jelly. Listen, a lot of mistakes were made here. When I ordered the waiter even made sure by reminding me that it was frozen. I should have known. OKAY I DID KNOW. They brought this.... 

I sat wondering wtf I was going to do with that glass when it came. I have this thing about jello-like anything. I won't go into it because that's not why you came here but I just can't. I'm disgusted just looking at this picture again. I bravely took a sip and it was just so bad. It was terrible. But I'm a big girl, so I took another sip. Then forced Brian too... and then he sent it back and ordered me a gin and tonic. Which we're now calling a basic bia because that's what it is.. and that's what I am.. and I'm totally fine with that. Especially if it means I never had pandan again. I have no idea what Brian ordered first but when he went to order a second-- brave man-- he asked the waiter for a rec. The waiter suggested the Oregano because, I'm not kidding, "it tastes like pizza in a glass."

But why would someone EVER want pizza in liquid form?! This drink smelled exactly like pizza. Rum, tomato water, eggplant. I just don't know guys. Is this the future of cocktails? Brian said it grew on him but I'd bet you $$ he wouldn't order it again. So we had the experience, not sure we'd go back even with all the best bar accolades they have received. Do you, Mace. 

Off to something we don't have to worry about.. jazz. We bought tickets to Dizzy's Club at Lincoln Center for a jazz set. We got lucky and secured the last table on the front row. We were kind of behind the drummer which (I think) made us really love the drummer. It was great and the background of the city was a special treat. 

Brian went up and let the drummer we were v into him. It was a fun and different kind of night. We loved it and would def do it again. Left here for a solid nights sleep. Only 1.5 days left! XOXO

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