Snow Weekend in El Do

24 February 2022

We escaped Little Rock a few weeks ago and went to El Dorado-- we did not want to be snowed and/or iced in! And we definitely didn't want to lose power. It wasn't expected to hit in south Arkansas so we took off.

We had a great few days and the girls had so much fun! It was nice not being stuck in the house and able to move and spend time with family. We got a lot of time with Gma and Boompa and little tiny Clarky and Alex visited every day! We got to see Mamaw and Papaw and do a quick little Valentine's photo shoot at a store downtown. Lots of naps together and it was so nice having so very little to do! 

Emily rides this tricycle for hours on end. I love how she has the wagon strapped to her so more than one baby doll can ride with her. Pretty creative kiddo if you ask me. 

Brian snapped this picture of us after we woke up from one of our many naps. Lots of rosey cheeks and tired eyes! 

Kate was very interested in moms dance costumes-- somehow they came up in conversation. So we took a trip down to my dad's office to check out the attic. My dad was in charge while my mom and I went hunting. Dad snapped this picture of the girls working at his desk. It's so funny. And really captures both of them perfectly!! It's so cute, I posted it twice. 

Kate modeling my old Campfire vest. And below-- Aunt Lala's old dance costume. Turns out all of mine were in our attic in Little Rock :) haha. We had a great visit and the girls got to do a little but of everything!! Being spoiled by grandparents has to be the tops! XOXO

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