Frozen Birthday Party!

22 February 2022

Kate and Emily went to the sweetest little Frozen birthday party last month. It was for Kate's friend Margot but luckily Emmy got to tag along because it was so much fun! They had Anna and Elsa there-- reading, singing and doing makeup/fairy hair! It was so perfect.

Emily was very unsure at first and then, with sisters help, stood right up and loved it! 

Kate got her hair and makeup done by Anna and Elsa-- fairy dust too! Emmy wasn't on board for this part. You can see her in the background playing with Margot's baby stroller-- her fav! 

My beautiful girl! 

Tried to snap a quick picture as we left-- Emmy didn't care for it, of course! My look at how big and grown my little Kate (in makeup!) looks! Be still my heart. And those high heels on Emmy. Oh my goodness, I could eat them both up. 

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