Christmas 2022!

25 January 2023

We had a very festive and merry Christmas with lots of friends and family! We enjoyed a couple extra days in El Dorado since LR was suppose to get some icy weather, we took off early. Love the picture above. The girls are so interested in the place where mommy and daddy got married. Now we have a picture of all of us! 

Figured I would wrap all the outstand Christmas stuff into one post :) So starting with Emmy's class party! Awe she was so happy to see me walk through the door. And that sweet little picture her teachers got of her alone. I love it! 

OK now to El Dorado we go. The girls LOVE making gingerbread houses. Not actually me.. I don't care much for gingerbread houses. But this year I found pre assembled ones and that's what I call winning Christmas! 

This was Christmas Eve when the girls asked for their picture where mommy and daddy got married! Sweeties. 

We made reindeer food many weeks prior to Christmas at Holidays in the Heights. Of course we lost the food by the time Christmas rolled around. So we had to make our own. I grabbed some oatmeal, sprinkles and we just started dumping it in. The girls loved it and that's the kind of Christmas Eve memories I remember and just really love! We also had to add celery, milk and cookies-- we were fresh out of carrots! Whoops.  

Reindeer food in cups and ready to throw around the yard. 

Big huge Christmas Eve smiles! 

Too sweet not to snap. Love their love for each other. 

Christmas morning + stockings 

Nothing like a good Christmas morning snap! 

I love this picture of Emmy helping mom unwrap her gift... if you notice, Elsa is helping! Which she just kept telling us and it was very precious. 

Finally got her garden set including a spray bottle! And she proceeded to take care of all of moms plants. Which she does for ours at home too. 

Love the joy on her face! 

We had fun in El Dorado, ate lunch then headed north to Little Rock and the girls got to do it all over again! It's so fun to see them walk through the door and see that Santa has come to our house while we've been away. 

It was a perfect and sweet little Christmas. I love watching the girls experience it. And now we are all sad it's come and gone.. for this year. 

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