Thanksgiving 2021

18 December 2021

I'm about a month late in posting about Thanksgiving. This year we were in El Dorado with the Hale family. We rolled into town and went to the square to check out the ice skating rink and playscape! 

Emily couldn't leave the house without her baby doll and stroller. Which is actually pretty adorable. So we had to load both up in the car and then take them with us out and about. 

El Dorado built this amazing playscape that is open year round! It's pretty impressive. We spent some time there after the girls decided they didn't want to ice skate. Which was a solid decision since they both had bare legs and I did too.. and I didn't really want to skate either. 

I think this picture is so adorable. Kate came downstairs in her "married dress" which was actually my moms first communion things. They even picked fresh flowers. She proceeded to do it every day we were there. And she actually did last weekend when we were home for Christmas. So sweet! 

We had a fantastic thanksgiving meal with family. We spent lots of time with family and entertaining the girls. They love going to gma's work-- which is a Methodist church with an inside play area. So we had to stop there before leaving town. We got lucky and caught the train! Emmy's fav. 

It was a quick but fun trip. Looks like we succeeded on the wearing out the kiddos part! :) 

The Johnston's came to visit towards the end of the long weekend. The kiddos are lucky they get to see all four grandparents so often. 

I had to include the picture above. The girls strangely love playing with and inside their laundry baskets. Kate made a bed in hers one day and told us she was going to sleep there. I thought she would surely get up and sleep in her bed. Nope. She slept this way the entire nap! Kids are so weird!!! 

And another funny thing. We found out during Thanksgiving that Emmy had strep throat. I took her to the doctor, the office overlooks the University Target. Emmy stuck her fingers in her ears the second the doctor came in to keep the doctor from checking her ears and then when it was time to look in her mouth she started yelling, "Not now, I got to go to target and get macaroni!!" This kid is too much! 

Anyway- back to Thanksgiving. Hope you all had a happy and blessed thanksgiving! XOXO

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