See ya Starbucks.

14 February 2018

It feels strange to say HAPPY Ash Wednesday but.. uh, Happy Ash Wednesday!

So I did a lot of thinking about lent this year. I've always given up something. Usually things that, of course. I can live without! So I give them up and immediately when Easter ends, I go right back to them. So stay with me when I say that this year.. I'm giving up Starbucks. 

I read the other day, "What can we give up in order to help and enrich others?" Clearly giving up Starbucks helps everyone. Right? It helps others tolerate me because I'm in a better mood. It helps others that I don't fall asleep in meetings? It helps others that I love the new blonde roast and it makes me happy so I'm generally a happy person 24/7?? No?

So I'm forgoing my (all too frequent these days) Starbucks run and instead donating the money I would have spent on my favorite blonde latte (OH GOSH I MISS YOU ALREADY!) and sending it to the Arkansas Rice Depot. It's also an attempt to remember to be more charitable. I try to make at least one donation a month to something but.. I'm human. And I do miss here and there. 

I'm doing a few other things that I'll probably be back at a later date to share or discuss. But I'm far too tired to do all that since I didn't have my Starbucks this morning. He. He. Joking. 

But in all seriousness.. Happy Ash Wednesday. I'm not Catholic. I grew up in the Episcopal Church and we do observe lent. I grew up donating to my mite box, celebrating fat Tuesday at the oyster supper and (let's be honest) getting so excited to go Easter dress shopping in the weeks leading up to Easter. Who hasn't run around the Saturday before Easter searching high and low for the perfect white shoes?! Every. Single. Year. We attend the Methodist Church now and we still recognize this as a time of self reflection. So join me over the next 40 days- think of a way you can pray, fast or give OR all three! XOXO

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