Crawfish boil

11 June 2015

Last month we threw Erin and Jared a going away party! They moved to Wynne a couple weeks ago but we wanted to gather all our Little Rock friends and give them one last big party :) 

We decided to host a crawfish boil, then the weather decided that it would storm!! No bueno. Brian and I got this amazing crawfish cooker as a wedding gift and haven't gotten a chance to put it to use yet. So we enlisted the help of crawfish cooker extraordinaire, Stephen Huffman. 

The guys wanted me to take pictures of the whole experience so we could put together a video at the end. Stay tuned for that part ;) 

Taste test time! 

The cook approves! 


We ended up eating every single bit of what they cooked. It was so good! Just the right amount of spice and yuuummm. We had so much food at the party, it was so fun! 

By the time we finished eating the rain cleared and we put to use another wedding gift... baggo! in the road... 

 Such a good time with great friends. We'll miss you so Erin and Jared!!! 

OH, I almost forgot the video.. enjoy!

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