New Door Hangers!!

02 March 2016

SO many new door hangers over the past couple weeks...but I have to say my very favorite is the one above. It's really so fun to paint pinks for little girls. I love it! 

So I'm off every other Friday as part of our new-ish work schedule. This was almost two Friday's ago during my work day outside. It was beautiful! I got so much done. I can't wait to get home from Houston and spend the whole weekend outside, hopefully working on some fun projects I'm trying to finish :) 

And here are a few of my new spring designs, BUY ANY OF THESE HERE

And you might notice my new, adorable watermark.. made by the talented Jennifer Ramsey... I love it! Sadly enough, last week I caught a few people stealing my images. Not just stealing my designs and recreating them as their own, which I have also found, but my actual images.. shown as their own! So I had to do something about it.  I realize I won't fix them all but going forward I will makes sure to include this image on all art photos. It's so super frustrating to see your hard work stolen. 

Anyway, HAPPY WEDNESDAY and Happy (almost) Spring! 

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