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13 June 2015

So last weekend I painted my refrigerator... yeah, I'm totally serious! This is a thing, really? I saw it browsing pinterest one day and figured that would never work. 

Enter... Rent house fridge in horrible, rusty, nasty condition. I have done everything to try to make this hunk of junk look better! My mom scrubbed it so hard one weekend, it looked a million times better but slowly started to gross up again. I cleaned it a few times but it kind of got to the point of no return, UGLY. 

So I covered most of it with pictures and junk of that sort but I hated the clutter and felt like I always had to bring it up before guests realized our refrigerator was disgusting. You know.. remind each person that we are renters and not responsible for all the bad things in our home :) But that's exhausting.. so I dreamed one night about painting and and that was that. 

I woke up, logged on pinterest and started my research. The next week I bought the paint and then nothing. I waited almost two months to do it.  I was totally dreading this. Brian I decided we would just shut off the kitchen, plug in some fans and keep the door open--- I read that the smell was really strong. And it was... tolerable but somewhat strong. They have more options in spray paint colors but I'm horrible at spray painting things so I went with the gloss white, Rust-Oleum Applicane Epoxy. I really hope the title lives up to it.. no more rust!!!! 

So we pulled the fridge out, kept it plugged in, taped off the rubber parts and went to work. I started off by removing all the hardware and cleaning it really good. The vent at the bottom was the worst part, so gross. But really everything pops off super easy so it was really easy. I ended up getting black "metal" paint and covered the hardware. 

I sanded the fridge down, paid close attention to the major rust spots. Mainly on the doors, like the tops and side were really bad. Roughed up the glossy sides really good so that the paint would hold better. 

This picture is after ONE coat on only the bottom section. I was amazing, Brian couldn't believe it. We both didn't think this project would really work or if it did it would look pretty shotty :) 

I can't believe that's the same fridge by only ONE coat! Amazing! The paint is sticky and you definitely don't want to get it on you. I gave the first coat a good hour to dry.. but let's be honest, I'm impatient so I probably should have waited longer! 

Side view amazement. 

And TA-freaking-DA! Can you believe it?! NO. Compare the first picture to this. Best $15 dollars I ever spent! The fridge kept it's glossy look and it still feels very clean and finished when you run a hand across it. Honestly, you can't tell it's been painted. Looks like new! 

I am beyond satisfied with how it turned out, I'm just sad I waited so long to do it! I have since straighten out the board below it-- old house, uneven floors, so now it looks too pretty :) Okay, not really pretty but it looks good. Makes my cabinets looks like they need a major reno now. 

If you have a nasty fridge, I absolutely recommend you to try this. It didn't take very long, didn't make a mess and the result is totally worth it. If you are skilled with spray paint there are a few more options-- white, cream, almond and black. I've also seen some stainless look paint and lots of people have been trying chalkboard paint. Check it out! 


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