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06 June 2015

I've never been able to plant anything and watch it grow. Last year I spent like two days buying and planting, only for it to die- honestly, less than week later.

But I tried again, with the help of my green thumb mother and this time I've been successful!! We planted everything the weekend of Easter (March?) and everything, EVERYTHING is still alive and growing so big. I am so obsessed with it all now-- watering, watching, observing every inch of growth. My farmer of a Nonno is probably so proud of me!

I even built that fancy-pants (sick) planter and painted a "10" on it for our front porch. My fern is even still alive and HUGE!! I've added sorts of herbs--- my mint and rosemary are out of control. We're growing some better boy tomatoes and a few roma plants AND mi favorito, cucumbers! I am so thrilled to report that we have boocoos of tomatoes and plenty of cucumbers popping up. I am. SO. excited. 

And I spent extensive time in our front flower garden. Brian's old roommate Clark planted these rose bushes and monkey grass. This was after a cold winter, does that justify the top picture? No? I dug all the grass up and moved it to the perimeter of the plot, trimmed everything back, fed the bushes and mulched... looked good then. Looks great now! The bushes are blooming and growing bigger and taller. Guess I should have uploaded a current picture. The grass looks amazing, I don't know what I did but I'm sure luck played a huge role in the growth! 

So there you have it... my thumb is light green but I'm confident by next spring/summer-- I'll be a pro!! 

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