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08 April 2015

Hello! And welcome to day 5 in NYC! It appears I didn't take very many pictures on this day... but I'll be sure to fill you in on all the very exciting details... starting with a yummy brunch in Chelsea. 

We had a reservation at a brunch spot near our hotel, Maysville. I mentioned in an earlier post how hard it was to find any open reservations! We searched yelp and found this spot near our hotel. I kind of wish we would have made it in the evening... it had great reviews on the whiskey selection.

We started off with a mimosa for me and a bloody mary for Brian. They offer a smoked chiplote bloody mary which is right up Brian's alley.. he said it was great! We also ordered the citrus glazed donut to split.. I thought it was amazing! It had this fresh and almost light taste.. I can't refuse a donut and this one was so yum! I had the granola.. which was amazing! Brian went with the Chef's Breakfast which came with a couple eggs, a delicious homemade biscuit, sausage and some very good potatoes! Over all, it was a really good brunch and just what we needed to start the day! 

We hopped on the subway and headed for Herald Square to the Macy's flagship store! I have never seen a department store so packed in my life! It was crazy!! They had this floral exhibit going on in the first floor so people were stopping and taking pictures everywhere. It was a nightmare traffic-wise. I think it was 8 stories worth of shopping?! We did some browsing and trying on, it was fun :) We stopped in a few more stores then headed up to the Theater District for our 3PM show. 

Rockefeller Center

Pretty coffee before the show... 

We went to see "The Audience" starring Helen Mirren. It's centered on the weekly audiences given by Queen Elizabeth II to prime ministers from her accession in 1952 to the present day. It was awesome! Helen Mirren did an amazing job, such a talented actress. Also, Dylan Baker was in the production... it was kind of hard to take him serious because I'm use to watching him as the crazy Colin Sweeney in the Good Wife. It was a great play! I am so glad we went. The theater was so old and neat-- much smaller and more cramped than the Gershwin that we saw Wicked in.. but cute and quaint. Is that the right description? Maybe? 

We had a dinner reservation after the show at Craft-- recommended by one of Brian's friends who went to Columbia. It did not disappoint. Let's go back to the service I mentioned from Gato-- AMAZING! It's actually owned by Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame. We started with the "Smoked” Beef Tartare and it was sooooo good! They accidentally brought us out foraged mushrooms too, I'm sure they would have been really good if I like mushrooms a lot.. and if they didn't look like fungus. I know mushrooms are fungus... just google them.. they are ugly shrooms! 

We ordered a bottle of red wine.. very good! And moved on to the main course. I had the Rye Fettuccine with Royal Red Shrimp, Chili & Scallion and Brian tried American the Wagyu Tri-Tip, we added a side of fingerling potatoes and baby shitake mushrooms. We've got to talk about these fingerling potatoes-- I go through periods where I don't really like potatoes. I blame eating french fries every single day for a month while studying abroad in Paris. I'm in a "I really don't like potatoes" period right now. I LOVED THESE POTATOES. I came home, went to Kroger and searched for fingerling potatoes. I have pinned about 5 recipes for them. They were soooo, SO good. Try them. I will be sure to post the recipe once I finally try cooking them myself. In the cast iron, of course. 

We finished the meal with the chocolate soufflĂ© .. followed by mini delicious brownies, compliments of the chef. It was so good. Every single bit of it... was amazing! I really love the coat check at the restaurants, it's so much easier when you don't have to carry around your coat, gloves, scarf, etc. And when we left, they gave us a lemon poppy-seed muffin for in the morning.. it looked so good but I was so full when we left that it sounded awful. I'm a little sad I never tried it ;/

We walked home to the hotel since Craft wasn't too incredibly far.. and you know, we just ate a ton of food. We stopped a minute near the park to take the city in at night.. it was our last night. Brian snapped this of the Empire State Building. We stayed in such a great area.. we were close to a lot. What a beautiful city! What a wonderful day. Very sad it was our last night, I don't want to go home!! 

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