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02 April 2015

Hello!!! And welcome to day 3 in NYC!! Can we just mention how cold it was this day? SO COLD!! Oh.. and let's also talk about how we ran into Jackson & Kendall Ratcliff in NYC? Seriously, what are the odds of two El Doradoians being in NYC at the same museum.. at the same exhibit.. at the same time?!  Crazy!  

So we started the morning, as you probably can already tell, at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. We bought the NYC City Pass books before we left and they turned out to be great. The first day was the most difficult, to trade in the voucher and get the actual book. After we had the books it was smooth sailing. We got to skip almost all lines so that made us happppy! :)

I've always been very interested in the history of 9/11. I remember everything about that day and I rarely pass an opportunity to learn more about the day and the stories of the people involved. I was really anxious to go to this memorial. Everything about it is just so hard to believe for me... like the picture above. Can you believe one of the towers stood in that exact space? No, I can't. 

I took this picture when we first entered-- last year at our work conference a firefighter from Squad 41 out of the Bronx came to speak at our dinner. He told his story of working that day and really for the months after that. He lost his partner during the attacks. Towards the end of the recovery his Squad painted this number on this tower. He showed us the picture in his presentation. I was really neat to actually see it in the flesh. 

This was a pretty cool wall-- looking at it, it's just pretty and looks like a mosaic. I am so thankful that all the museums have iPod audio guides to learn a little more about what everything is. This wall separates where the twin towers were, behind the wall is a repository with 8,000 unidentified human remains. Good gracious, this museum was sad. The letters on the wall are made from steel from the collapsed twin towers. The blue "mosaic" look is actually paper, painted with watercolors and hung to represent how the "missing persons" flyers hung all over NYC in the weeks after the attack. This piece of work is the only commissioned piece of art in the museum. It's called "Trying to Remember the Color of the Sky on that September Day." The sky was a beautiful blue in NYC on September 11, 2011. The artist painted 2,983 squares to represent each victim from 9/11 and the 1993 WTC bombing. Pretty amazing, right?

Once we left the museum we went to South Ferry... ("You going to South Ferry? Hey, South Ferry, man? You going to South Ferry?!") to visit lady liberty herself!! I really had no interest in going up in the Statue of Liberty, just really wanted to lay eyes on her. Thank goodness again for that City Pass! (No, I'm not getting kickbacks from the City of NY for mentioning this pass a lot!) 

I can not tell you how cold it was in this picture but looking at it, I can still feel that wind!! IT WAS. SO. COLD. 

Heeeeeyyyy girl! 

I love this picture! 

While on the ferry, hunger sat in. HARD and fast. We were starving and I really didn't feel like a ferry hot dog. I know, who am I to pass up a hot dog?! We planned to go to Katz Deli while in NYC.. you know, When Harry Met Sally.... yeah, that scene. And you know, who doesn't love a good deli?

Soooo busy but we found a seat! Only about 3 away from Harry and Sally's. 

We both ordered the pastriami sandwich, probably should have only gotten one! SO huge. I don't even wanna know how many pounds of meat they put on these things! And those pickles... the bright green ones were THE BEST THING EVER. SO full. So, so full. 

Next stop-- Brooklyn Bridge! Must. Walk. Off. Giant. Sandwich. So, so neat. And have I mentioned that you can actually buy a selfie stick on the BB? They were everywhere!!! 

We tried so hard to get the bridge and Brooklyn AND us in the picture... 

AND PS. I totally found the Humphery loft from the bridge. I zoomed in and got a picture but it's far too grainy to share online :) 

We walked through Grand Central on our way back to the hotel to get ready for........

I LOVED IT!!! So good. I've never seen the musical so I really didn't know what to expect... it was SOO good. Brian liked it to... he might not like it as much now that we are back in Little Rock and I walk through the house singing with my very lovely, very strong opera voice... "I think I'll tryyyyy defffyyinnnnnggg gravvity!!" Have I watched 2-10 versions of that scene on YouTube? Maybe. Yes, the answer is yes. I've even got the end kind of beat between lines down... so good. 

Stay tuned for DAY 4! The day is snowed.. burr!! 

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