Finally.. Breakfast I like!

06 April 2015

While in NYC, we had this amazing brunch at a place near our hotel, Maysville. I learned, New Yorkers are serious about their brunch and unfortunately, we didn't make reservations before we left! I'll tell you more about that meal on the post from the brunch day... but I ordered the granola. So I've started making this at home some mornings and it's sooo good! More calories than I'm use to in the AM but I'm not as hungry for lunch and don't eat nearly as much. I start with some Dannon light and fit yogurt at the bottom, topped with fresh fruit- usually strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and then a dash (or more, let's be honest) of granola. And sometimes a dash of honey. I'm really into THIS mix right now.. so good! Try it! Fresh fruit in the mornings is always a fabu way to start the day. 

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