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01 April 2015

...concrete jungle where dreams are made of!! I mentioned last post that we just got back from NYC! We had the very best time and I want to share all the exciting things with my million followers, I mean family. 
I feel like we walked the city a hundred times over... my feet absolutely hated me by Monday evening. But I really don't care because it was worth it! And now I'm here to share our whole journey with you!

When we got to town, we checked into our hotel, dropped our bags and ventured out to the... subway! We rode down to Chinatown and walked around... through Little Italy and the Village. Chinatown was so crazy, they had a million markets and every one was packed! I think it would be awesome to walk around the Heights on any given day and buy fresh seafood, veggies, fruits, everything! It was so neat. We grabbed coffee/hot chocolate at a cute little bookstore in Greenwich Village. We browsed some stores, I love Crate and Barrel!! 


Market in Chinatown

I want you to remember as you read these NYC posts--  I am not a good photographer and half the time, I forget to take pictures. I mean we are the couple who went on a week long honeymoon to paradise and didn't come back with a single picture together! Soooo.. all this to say, my pictures are really not the most exciting things in the world :) 

Anyway, we went to dinner Wednesday night at Gato, owned by Chef Bobby Flay. It was probably the very best meal I've had in my entire life. I know this is a very strong statement. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone-- but make sure you make a reservation as soon as possible, it's nearly impossible! 

We started with the lamb tenderloin, piquillo filled raw tuna with saffron sauce, and eleven layer potato. I could have died happy after the first course!! The lamb, so good I can't even express words.. my mouth just starts watering when I try to form sentences. The service was amazing. It really puts Arthur's to shame. A waiter for water, a sommelier, a table clearer, someone to re-fold your napkin for you and push in your chair the minute you get up, a waiter, a food bringer-out, OMG the list goes on! HOW!?!

For my meal, I had the Orata, which I found out is fish, with piquillo pesto, roasted lemon olive oil, pink & black pepper. Pink pepper is now my favorite thing. The flavor was amazing!! Brian had the porterhouse pork chop with polenta and we added some charred carrots and I feel like something else but I'm drawing a blank right now. We both had amazing wines and fell asleep so very happy. 

Thursday morning we started the day at the American Museum of Natural History, with the rest of the universe. It was so packed! We grabbed an amazing street cart (yes, I said that!) lunch from the Halal Brothers, which after researching them.. we made a solid choice! We had the Chicken and Gyro Rice Bowl... I've already pinned a copycat recipe. So good! 

Next stop-- Museum of Modern Art. I got to see some of my favorites, such a cool experience! 
I love this, duh... who doesn't?
We studied Piet Mondrian in 1st grade at Southside. I've got to find the picture that we re-created of this painting. I think we even had matching shirts? I love it! Thanks Mrs. Palmer! 

 Second installment of one of my favorites-- I saw this for the first time in Paris. It was just as amazing. This reminds me of my sisters bedroom growing up... she had one or two of these prints. They probably ended up in my room by the time I hit high school. 

Some kind of light display, honestly I can't remember. I do know it had a sign that said don't look directly at the light.. I was trying to get artsy with Brian... no?

We walked by Radio City on our way to MoMa... it was a very rainy, ugly day :/

Then it was time to head to Brooklyn for our super early dinner (oops on not making a reservation more than 2 weeks in advance!) We ate at Peter Luger Steakhouse and it was AMAZING!! We got the Luger's Sizzling Bacon, which is the biggest slice of bacon I have ever seen in my life! It was also, so good! 

They bring out their famous steak sauce with your bread and recommended that you dip the bread in it. Sounded like an awful idea.. until I tried it. So good! We ordered a bottle of wine and prepared for the main course... 
Now I'm usually very against food pictures.. but sometimes you just have to! SO, soooo good! Can we even cook steak in out home again? The whole experience was so cool. They explain everything to you, fix your plate for you and suggest ways to eat it that I would never think of. Glad I trusted the waiter, so fab! We followed it up with this chocolate mousse and homemade cream... slap ya mama good! And I don't even feel bad about it because I'm confident we burned off every calorie possible ;) 

So we left happy and stuffed. We decided no better time than to walk some more... so we went to times square! EEEEE... I still have not figured out where they had TRL. That was my burning question. Times Square was pretty awesome but I was so very happy we weren't staying in a hotel there.. eek! And actually I just googled to find out who took over the old TRL studio... Aeropostale. Which is funny because I remember thinking the space looked familiar and I mentioned to Brian how unfortunate it would be if Aeropostale was the new TRL studio. I was right, so sad. 

Sir, sir.. where are you from? Can I sell you Broadway tickets? No. Tickets to the Empire State? No. Anything? No.

And our first selfie of the trip.. so bright!

Our first two days were so awesome! I started taking more pictures by the end of day two-- so I'm sure the rest of my posts will be so fabulous and full of pictures :) Til then.... 

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