02 December 2012

Hello!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was fab... date night Friday and then I spent Saturday and some of Sunday with one of my very best friends, Jennifer. She was in town from Oklahoma and I'm soooo glad we got to hang out and catch up.. now if I can just get her to move back to Arkansas. :) 

Today has been a very productive day! I got some Christmas shopping finished, bought out the whole entire Carters store, raked the yard, played with Cooper, finished a mountain of laundry and FINALLLLY finished my welcome mat!! 

How cute this this?! I love it! My front door is going to look amazing (once Christmas is over) This bright blue next to my purple door.... LOVE!! 

So I got this idea from pinterest... I saw a pin where you could buy a welcome mat that said "sweet home," which is originally what I planned to put on this rug. Do you know how hard it is to find a plain  rug like this? Almost impossible!! Luckily I went to Home Depot to pick out a drill and I found this! I've seriously been looking for months! Back to the idea.... 

I found where you could order the rug.. but then I figured I could make it myself... much quicker and cheaper than the pictured rug... and I wanted a different color.  So I bought my spray paint... made a stencil and then the rug sat in my living room for almost a month.

Until today.... I love it!! I think it's going to look so fab!

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