Walk Down Memory Lane: Christmas Edition

20 December 2012

Today I decided I needed a new profile picture to go with the Christmas holiday... I ended up picking this gem...  
 I love this picture for sooo many reasons... mainly how Clark looks like a mini version of my dad... The bangs are awesome and the dress!! I LOVED it!! So much that I wore it the year before too... 
I've always wondered what my mom was thinking when she let Lauren pick out that dress!! And it's hard to believe Lauren is wearing a headband... she was rarely without one.. or a hat! Anyway, I figured I would share some of my favorite Christmas pictures from the last 26 years... enjoy!! 

Snow at grandmas

Snow at our Godparents house... Dede is in the background, love her to death and miss her much. 

Snow at our house (kind of..) 

Christmas morning! LOVE the look on Lauren's face.. she looks mad to be awake and I'm thrilled!

Angels in the Epiphany Pageant at Church

Helping mom decorate the tree.... or actually... Lauren dressing me up in the Christmas tree skirt

Pledge Class Christmas Party

Riding in the Christmas parade for KTVE... Baucomville Redneck Christmas Parade actually :)

friends at the capitol 

Love this picture of my dad with the Thomas girls (and Holly... my mom tells me you read this so I hope you enjoy this pic! one of my favs!)

Whitney and I at a Cowboys game before Christmas

Christmas 2010

LOVE this one!! Bojangles and Oreo

Christmas at Grandma and Nonno's... Playing with Greer

Siblings celebrating Christmas in Nashville... 2011

I leave tomorrow to celebrate Christmas in NWA with my mom's family... ready to go and spend the next week with my family :) Happy Christmas to you all!! 

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