Bathroom Re-do!

29 November 2012

Hello! Today I wanted to share some pictures of my new and improved bathroom... this was no easy feat, the bathroom was the worst looking white room in the world! I can't believe I don't have a picture of the before bathroom! Like everything else in my apartment, it was ALL white! Except this room had awful white wallpaper that had some tan mixed in? SO BAD! Green shower, white cabinets, white countertop, 3 large white doors... so bad! 

I originally decided that I wasn't going to paint the bathroom... it's tiny and I couldn't imagine taping off every single door, cabinet, shower, etc... So one day I came home from work and I just couldn't stand it. I had some painters tape so I made a deal with myself... if you can tape this whole room off before Sherwin Williams closes at 7 then I'll paint this. I finished at 6:15!!! I wanted to paint the room a light grayish blue.. very light, with very little blue. Obviously, I'm not a very good color picker because the color I got is way blue! BUT, I LOVE it!! It's a silverish-blue and before you judge, it looks awesome in person! 

My next idea was to make one of those shelves from pinterest--> you can find HERE. So one weekend in October my dad helped me make the shelf. It was ridiculously hard to hang but I managed.. I'm becoming so handy with a drill that I asked for one for Christmas :) That should take my etsy shop to a whole other level! 

I also took a pin from my pinterest and split my shower curtain in half so add something extra. My mom actually made my shower curtain while I was in college. We found all these table cloths in Bed, Bath & Beyond one day.. they were marked down to like 2 dollars each! So she sewed two of them together, the seem was in the exact center so this project was easy! All I had to do was use a seam ripper and ta-da! (If you can see my shower curtain rings, please don't make fun! These are just standing in until I can find the ones I love!) And again, the bathroom is tiny so taking pictures is tough! 

The jar below is one of my favorite things! I bought this at Paul Michael in Lake Village (if you have never been, you MUST!! They also have a location in Monroe) It's actually supposed to stack 3 high but I didn't have anything else to put in the third.. so I took it out, filled it with split peas and stuck my brushes in it! 

So that's the bathroom! It's about as perfect as it's going to be! I'm so glad I finally decided to paint it, I would have never been happy with that white wallpaper! I also wanted to share a small project I did a while back... I saw on pinterest where someone got a paper towel holder and stacked their bracelets on it... perfect idea! Whats not so easy is finding the perfect paper towel holder. Finally found this one at Goodwill one day.. for $1!!! I painted it white and now I have my very own bracelet holder :) (Don't judge the last bracelet, I just have it on there cause it's big and is a good anchor) 

And finally, thought I'd share a picture of another Paul Michael find... apothecary jars! Their selection is the BEST! 

Hope my bathroom inspires you to create something. I spent my whole evening crafting last night, can't wait to share those pictures! Have a fab day! 

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