(first of all, why do my peppers look florescent? And they should have been cut smaller but you see, I was in a hurry. AND I never claimed to be a good photographer.)

I made a really good lunch today, like really good. I read on "Eat Yourself Skinny" about a pita bread pizza for lunch and thought I would give it a try. But it didn't have meat and.... ya girl needs meat.

So I worked up my own. I bought those flatout things at Kroger.. they were only 100 calories so they had to be ok, right? I cooked a boatload of shredded chicken this past weekend... have I told y'all about this. It's really a genius idea. Crockpot on low for however long, I just eyeball... chicken breasts, chicken stock, onion and all your favorite seasonings, shred and save for the week. It freezes so easy.. trust. 

Anyway, back to the pizza-- I used a little pizza sauce, topped with chicken, spinach, red bell pepper, a little italian seasoning, and mozzarella. I calculated this at 7 WW Points Plus. Yeah, that's amazing.  And I always calculate on the high side so I don't go over so.. who knows, it could be 6... or even 5. Let's not get crazy. 

Point being, try it. It was good. Goodnight. :)