13 August 2015

SO this is my latest project... a giant 3.5 foot yellow jacket. OMG, this is bigger than anything I have taken on. The wood is thick and the cuts are tough. But boy did they end up looking good!! 

On my way home from my trip to Home Depot, noted-- do not go after work on a 100 degree day while wearing a dress. Bless you man who stopped to help me load.  I now have three bruises on my legs. And thank you Brian for the SUV.

Cut and ready to paint! Don't mind me Brian, I just moved everything out of your office and took over. 

Making progress.. and finally spraying to seal! 

I did not stake these for everyone, sorry! I don't know that I'm ready for that ballgame. I can't wait to get a picture from someone in Wynne so I can see it in their yard!!! Happy football season all :) 

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