Knockoff (BUT SO MUCH BETTER) Chipotle Bowl

24 August 2015

Sooo.. my husband loves Chipotle. And we've (I say we, probably he) has enjoyed having a location closer to our house. Anyway, we grabbed dinner there before going on vacation and on the way home he asked for my version of the burrito bowl. We've made this once before but used a store marinade and used the Kroger Black Bean and Corn Salsa as the salsa.. it was good but O.M.G. did it get exponentially better last night. 

I did a little searching around on pinterest for burrito bowl ideas to mimic Chipotle's and I put together the best ideas to form my own :)  

Start with the chicken, I buy the thin slices breasts. I "marinated" them in a splash of olive oil, half the juice of a lime and a medely of spices, to make it easy- just use a taco seasoning packet. Let it sit while you start the rice. 

I like to brown my rice a bit in olive oil. I'm sure it does nothing to the flavor but I seem to think it does. Anyway, boil your rice like usual... one, two cups, whatever.Add salt. Add water, boil and cover. Once you get to the end and the water is absorbed-- I usually eyeball all of this. Juice a lime, add cilanto, pepper-- ta-da! It's harder to do this because of the cilantro poop shortage. Come one, can't we get cilantro from anywhere else (looking at you Kroger!) I have had to resort to using the Cilantro paste at the grocery store. I really has the same taste, I just would prefer it super fresh. 

Ok, chicken marinating, rice cooking, let's move on to the best part--- the corn salsa! Y'all this is my favorite part and SO, soo good. Make your corn, canned, fresh, frozen... who cares. A cup should do you-- finely dice a red onion, red bell pepper (again, eyeball-- I used about 1/4 an onion and about 1/3 of the pepper), dice a jalapeno, cilantro to your liking-- 1/2 to 1 whole lime, juiced. Salt and pepper to taste and prepare to fall in love. Serious love. 

You could probably start cooking your chicken somewhere in here-- use your grill pan or grill, whatever. I got a good char on each side, don't over cook, let rest and cut! 

Rice, chicken, your favorite salsa, my favorite corn salsa, queso quesadilla cheese (Kroger, why do you NEVER have this?!) and whatever else you like-- that's just my dream burrito bowl. 

I know, I'm bad at giving recipes but just try this-- you will really love it! YUM. OH and my picture does not do the flavor justice. This was actually Brian's second serving when I remembered to take a picture so it's not nearly as pretty as the first! Keep that in mind.  <3

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