Taupe Less Beach + Watch = LOVE.

28 August 2015

Scallop edge + Tan-gold watch + Shellac = Love. I never get manicures.. like once a year. I love how they look but feel bad about getting them for some reason. Last week I decided I'm getting one ASAP but wanted a very subtle yet fall color. Enter my boss with her pretty colored nails on Wednesday. It's like she knew what I was searching for!! 

If you live in Little Rock, you have to go to CHIC NAILS! My last shellac manicure I got from them lasted FIVE WEEKS. FIVE. The only reason it ended was because I had major nail growth. No chips! Then they soaked it off for me, gave me a manicure and didn't charge me anything. Wouldn't even take a tip. Just do it. 

So, I love the color. It's OPI Taupe Less Beach. I snapped this picture on the way to work Thursday to share. ALSO, my new fabu watch from NORDSTROM. It's so pretty and looks expensive... but it's not. You won't believe the price. And I just love this skit from LOFT. Only a little bit longer to wear whites so I'm taking advantage. And that scallop hem = adorable. 

And one more thing about Thursday-- it was a good day. It was a GREAT day because I came home to this..... 
Full disclosure: one of these came in broken so it's been sitting in my car to take back and my car smells like heaven. I might never take it back. 

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