Another day, another snow. That's how it feels around here lately! I actually went to bed and didn't see the snow fall BUT I did hear the crazy loud, heavy sleet... thunder and lightening?!?

So crazy. I didn't know that was really a thing? We woke up to a pretty winter wonderland and a nice day at home. I am a little sick of being stuck inside so much!! The picture before the jump is looking down our street. You really couldn't tell where the street started and the yard ended.  

By this point the snow had melted on the sides of our cars. I walked around the cars to take this picture so there wouldn't be any footprints in the yard :) About 30 minutes later the kids were out and our yard looked crazy! 

I'm not sure if you can see but I have a very springy Easter bunny on my door that says "Happy Spring!" When I put it up it was a cool, sunny Saturday. The next day it snowed... and it hasn't stopped! Below is my adorable spring garden flag. (which I put out on the same Saturday!!) Obviously my yard decorations are ready for spring... mother nature, not so much! 

Here's hoping for melting and bountiful sunshine tomorrow!