Happy day to you all.... Happy Lent and Happy Valentines Day!  I've always had mixed feelings about Valentine's Day... I don't love it but I don't hate it. Single or taken... but I do love hearts! And I love them all year around. 

This year (and last) I'm lucky to have a fabulous best friend of a person that I call my boyfriend. But also I'm lucky to have some other Valentine's in the form of my family and friends :) I love you all very, very much! 

SOOO.. Lent started yesterday. I started the day off bright and early by attending the Ash Wednesday service at Christ Episcopal here in downtown Little Rock. I finally decided for Lent this year that I'm going to go with the BUSTED HALO, Pray, Fast, Give calendar. 

Below is the calendar event for today.. each day they show an icon (kind of a tease as to whats to come) today's showed a picture of Katy Perry. You can't click on the day in advance, you have to wait until it's the actual day. So here's what I got... 

I pray for humility, honestly, because it’s very easy to be caught up in this world. — Katy Perry

FAST from your biggest worldly vice today (be it media, internet, alcohol, food, porn, politics, gossip, etc.).
PRAY for humility today. 
GIVE others the benefit of the doubt today.

Today I'm going with fasting. And I'm choosing facebook. So for today, no facebook... and praying for humility.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. (James 4:10)