I really can't wait to share my super fun, fab mirror with you all!

 I've seen this project on pinterest sooo many times but seriously just looked over it because it looked too complicated... and I figured there would be no way I could get it right. But then I saw this design on Monday.. 
DIY mirror with paint sticks

this mirror looks way more simple than any of the other tutorials... THIS I can do! (For less than 5 dollars FYI!!) So I pulled up all my tutorials that I had pinned, decided which parts I liked from each. My reason for choosing this design was because of the simplicity of it... you simply glue the paint stirrers to the back of a mirror. DONE! I don't have any power tools so the others were out of the question. 

Then to colors... well my walls are white, I had to do something bold. Until I found this picture.. 
Sunburst Mirror

...and I thought... that would look awesome on my plum wall. So there you go.. there's my color scheme. I go to Hobby Lobby, get my paint and mirror... I got Folk Art Metallic Taupe and Metallic Sahara Gold. The mirror is from the candle section, mine is an 8" but you can also do 10" or really any size. It was half off.. so I got it for $2.50!! Okay, now I need 40-50 paint stirrers. And I want them now, I can't be doing this steal 5 or 6 every time you get paint. I just bought paint and I'm a horrible liar/stealer. So I stop in to see my good friends at the local Sherwin Williams (BTW, the one in the heights is the best, they are SO nice!) I asked if I could buy paint stirrers in bulk.. he said he'd just give them to me.. 50 free sticks! 

I make it home.. start painting my sticks.. 25 in taupe, 25 in the gold.. done! 

I didn't paint them the whole way down because I knew I wanted to omit the curved part from my mirror. I decided the darker color would be up front leaving the lighter silvery color up against the wall (better contrast) I cut the darker sticks down to 9 inches. Super easy, all I could find were wire cutters and they worked perfect. Time to glue to the mirror! I divided the mirror into quarters and drew out lines as a reference... 

I only ended up using 20 stirrers per layer. I used gorilla glue to attach the sticks. It takes longer to dry so I had flexibility with the sticks until I had them in just the right spot. Only problem is.. I'm impatient and I had to wait until the next day for them to dry. 

24 hours later, round one was dry and secure (i love gorilla glue) so I added the second layer. I ended up cutting down the sticks a bit so they would all fit in a circle. I  took maybe 1.5 inches off. Then I glued round 2 in the holes, waited 24 hours and..... 

Love! At first I wasn't sure but when I hung the mirror, I fell in love! And FYI, these pictures do not do this creation justice! BTW, do you notice how it's hanging on the white wall? Yes, I couldn't bare to hang it on the purple wall where no one could see it. I decided it had to be front and center-- meaning my living room. I hung the mirror with 2 sets of command strips (the kind made for picture hanging- they can hold up to 12lbs- it's very secure and easy) 

So what do you think? Does it look too homemade? I think the colors ended up working fine with the white wall. If you hate it please don't tell me.. because the more I look at it.. the more I love it!!