happy tuesday!

16 October 2012

Hello! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and this week is getting off to a great start :) Tonight I came home from work around 6 (slight detour home, had to make a stop at Hobby Lobby & Sherwin Williams) and I was starving! So I got to thinking about this hamburger soup that I've been dying to make for weeks now, luckily I had all the ingredients so I went to work. This soup is sooo easy and so delish. I really can't wait to eat it for lunch tomorrow! Here is the LINK to the recipe. I actually cooked the pasta in the beef broth, tomato soup, water mix and it saved some time.  AND I added 2 cups pasta instead of the 1 cup that was called for. I love pasta!

Again, I'm not good at taking pictures... especially of food but I tried.

AND I wanted to share a little preview of a project I'm working on. That I've been working on for what seems like forever! Hopefully I will finally finish and I can reserve a special post all about this (hopefully beautiful) creation!

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