monogram love.

11 October 2012

I love monograms! I sign with my initials a lot "arh." I don't know why i love a monogram so much but I do! I've been dying to have one in my bedroom since I saw this picture on pinterest...
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I know you agree, this is so pretty! SO, I got on my new favorite website, etsy and ordered a wooden monogram from Scrappin Plus. (I ordered the 14 inch) This woman is actually located in Fayetteville and she does amazing work!

LOVE! So I painted it blue, attached it to my canvas with gorilla glue and TA-DA! (I've since repainted the monogram to a lighter silvery-blue- more like the one in the first photo) I absolutely LOVE it!

This project is so simple! I think I spent a little over $25 on the monogram after shipping was calculated in. The canvas I got 50% off at Michael's. Do it! You will love!

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