Hello!! And HELLLOOOO Thursday!! I feel like I've been waiting forever for Thursday this week. This might be my favorite day, reason being.. I get to see Brian on Fridays!!! :) Call me corny, I don't mind. 

Anyway, now that my pinterest project is over I figured it was time for a new idea for the blog. Enter "Things I Love Thursdays," a list of 10 things I'm loving right now... Enjoy!

Have you had Honey Bunches of Oats lately?! I bought some last week (with strawberries) and I don't think they have ever been so delicious! I'm addicted now! 

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Who played this growing up?! Please tell me I wasn't the only one. I still play to this day. I LOVE this game. (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about- it's a game you play in the car- you have to find every letter of the alphabet on a billboard, road sign, etc.) These are always the reason for the game to stop. I hope this sign really exists. This is hilarious! 

How cute are my new shoes?! LOVE!! You can buy them --> HERE.

Aly Raisman poses with her gold medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games on July 31. Photo by REUTERS/Brian Snyder
OLYMPIC time! OMG, how amazing is Aly Raisman?? I've always loved gymnastics and you better believe I signed up to take gym after watching the Magnificent 7 take gold in Atlanta in 96. When I watched this video of her floor routine the other night, I was amazed! Just watch it... after that first pass you KNEW she was taking home the gold! 


Sophia Grace & Roise. I love these two!! SO GOOD! I can't wait til they come back to the Ellen show.. that way I can have tons more videos to watch :) If you are bored sometime, watch them all. I love when Ellen sends them shopping or to a red carpet, precious! 

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I'm totally loving this look for fall. Over sized sweater/shirt and skinny jeans. Add some boots and that's what I call perfection! 

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Monograms! Everything monogrammed! I got a new phone cover, guess what.. the back is monogrammed! I'd buy the necklace if I wasn't being so cheap, I'd prob get one of those adorable rings also. PS. I'm totally going to make this for my bedroom. 

Have you heard of Katie Ledecky? Y'all... she is 15 years old and killed the competition in the 800 meter freestyle. I actually watched this race and she finished nearly 2 body lengths ahead of the 2nd place finisher. Second fastest time in all of history.. and get this, the record holder was in the race with her.. finished 3rd! This is what the olympics is about... awesome race, total domination! 

The number of hits my blog reached from Tuesday night at 9PM til 10AM the next morning. I don't think that many people read my blog in the first year I had it. Honestly, I don't know why I started a blog, I never imagined people would read it, much less.. compliment me on it. THANK YOU! 

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Amen. Remember this. 

Hope you enjoyed my first Thursday. I'll be thinking of my top 10 all week and I'll share it with you next Thursday. Hope you all have a fab weekend! Brian moves to Little Rock this weekend so I'll spend the majority moving (YAY)