New city, new job... so much excitement!!

21 August 2012

Sooo.. I fell off the blog bandwagon for a short period of time. I even forgot my 2nd installment of "Things I love Thursdays." But I have good reason... I've been so busy and I have HUGE news to share!! 

I'M MOVING TO LITTLE ROCK!!! I'm so, so, so excited!! (If you couldn't tell by the million exclamation points I just used!) I've been wanting to move for nearly 4 years! But I've been blessed beyond measure with amazing jobs so I can't complain. These past four years have prepared me so much. I have experienced things in the last few years I couldn't imagine, I've learned a lot and I've come to know so many great people that I'm forever thankful for. 

It's funny, you go off to college to study for 4 years.. you pick a major, pick a career path and assume you will graduate, get a job, and love it forever. In my life, that wasn't the case. I went to UCA as a business major.. marketing to be exact. My dad owns his own Marketing/Advertising/PR firm and my mom owned her own small business .. I've always been great with people and totally obsessed over office supplies from a very young age.. it just made sense. I was totally ready to skip the classes required of you as a freshman so I jumped in to my business classes as soon as possible, and now I am so glad that I did! I HATED accounting, seriously hated it. I was horrible at it, I tried so hard but I couldn't make sense of it. Finally my mom told me to stop trying to figure out the why behind it and just memorize how to do it... I dropped the class the next day and decided business was not the path I wanted to take. 

So I did some research... enter Communications. I had a sorority sister at the time, Mallory Hardin, who was in the field and more or less hooked me. Finally, I LOVED my major, I was good at my classes. I graduated with a 3.9 in my field. Problem is, I graduated in 2008 and the economy was a huge mess. I sent out resume tape after resume tape to stations all over America! My first job offer was in nowhere, Texas with a whopping salary of $15,500. Pretty sure my mom said she'd pay me more to not take it. About 10 months later I took my first job as a television reporter at KTVE, my local station out of Monroe, LA. I was always embarrassed that I was working in El Dorado, like it wasn't a real TV job, like I wasn't a real reporter. I was always working for myself, it was tough, covering bank robberies, house fires, etc. I went to bed at night and had nightmares. It became too much and took over my life. Don't get me wrong, there were amazing parts and I tried to make myself love it, tried to make myself want to stay in the field but at the end of the day my heart wasn't in it. I felt like a failure. Did I really go to school all this time to spend a year and a half at the station to quit and have no clue what to do with my life?! 

I took an amazing job that I loved next at the local hospital. Still, great job but I was unhappy with the location. I loved the people I worked with, loved there was always something going on, my boss was like the perfect hip cousin or whatever you never had. We got along great and I loved working for her... until newly elected Senator John Boozman's state director called me one day. I'll never forget.. I was in the elevator at work and my phone rang.. I was like are you kidding. I've been here 4 months, I love this, I would never leave. But I did leave... for an amazing job! Seriously... not many people can say they worked for a UNITED STATES SENATOR. That's awesome. There are 100. period. Who does that? Who has 3 back to back amazing jobs in a terrible economy?! 

ENTER... today. I've accepted a job with the Arkansas Department of Rural Services in Little Rock as a grants coordinator. I'm sooo excited. I'm thrilled really. I know this job will be the perfect fit and something that I can stay at for a while and make a career. I feel great to go to work and know that I'll be helping people. And I get to do some other cool, fun things that I'm good at. I've always been an outgoing person, I'll talk to a stranger more than they probably want me to, I'd probably talk to a brick wall if they were the only one around.. so I'm excited to work with so many great communities around Arkansas. 

I'm so thankful. I'm so blessed and I'm extremely fortunate. I don't want to sound like for a minute that I haven't appreciated all of my past jobs. They have taught me SO much and I'm the most thankful for all the people along the way. The coworkers, judges, mayors, chambers.. people who aren't just my colleagues but more my friends. 

And lastly, I'm soooooo excited to be back in central Arkansas near my friends. I'll miss my family in El Dorado and be sad to not have lunch with my mom everyday but I know she's so extremely happy for me and I'm sure she wanted this for me far worse than I wanted it for myself. Now, if I could just find a place to live.. everything would be more than peachy :) 

So now.... on a completely different note... I tried a new pinterest recipe tonight.. Pizza dough!! Made from greek yogurt and flour and it was delish!! I topped my pizza with light marina sauce, ham and pineapple, and a sprinkle of cheese. SO GOOD. 

Hope you have a good evening.. I'll be back soon. I've got to update you on my weekend and another amazing thing I tried to make.. SUSHI!! (I actually did it!!) xoxo, love. 

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