Kate lost her FIRST tooth!

20 March 2023

Big excitement in our house last week--Kate lost her first tooth! We actually didn't realize one was loose until her dentist appt last month. She's been wiggling it ever since. Brian let her know there would be blood involved so she stopped messing with it so much and it just fell out while at school last week. She was too thrilled! 

Night before. Super loose and super worried. Dad tried to get it out but Kate objected. Emmy is just here for the facial expressions. 

Home from school with certificate and tooth in tow! 

Ready for the tooth fairy to come visit. She actually was a little worried that the tooth fairy would put the money in the pouch and she just really wanted it under her pillow. So I had to text the tooth fairy that night and let her know. Luckily I reached her assistant who sent word to the actual fairy. Whew. 

Sissy is not one to be left out. The next morning, Kate found the money under her pillow and started chanting, "I'm rich! I'm rich!" Emmy didn't like that very much so so stole all the money I had in my wallet and ended up ahead of everyone! Silly kiddos! XOXO

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