09 October 2016

I'm so far behind on the blog front. I haven't even blogged Europe yet! But I will.. in time. 

So much has happened since my last post. We BOUGHT A HOUSE. And moved. 

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary :) <3 ...and have been very interested in brunch lately... with our favorite being skinny tastes avocado toast!  (this was Brian's plate) 

Went to a subpar Dixie Chicks concert.... with perfect dates. I know you love all the snapchat screen shots.  

Football season started... and I have been making some double doors in Central Arkansas adorable :) 

My parents decided after 35 years in El Dorado and 61 for my dad... they are moving... to Batesville. And the cleaning out process has been fun. My favorite.... "Hale, Hale the gangs all here!" Must have been a slow news day. 

I graduated carpentry class. Which was fun! 

And last but certainly not least, although it is the most exiting thing that has happened... we bought a latte maker! And boy is it fabulous. (not pictured)


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