Europe, Day 5 - Belgium

22 October 2016


Welcome to Belgium, friends! Home of the best chocolate I've ever had. And now my mouth is watering for hot chocolate... more on that later. 

Today started EARLY! Left the hotel at 8:30 but our bags had to be out by 7:45. My hair was still wet when they showed up so I look totally fabu today. Again, breakfast didn't disappoint.

It took us about 3 hours to get to Brussels. Dreary, rainy day. I tried to sleep on the bus but woke myself up numerous times with loud snores... actually we should call them what they are really ridiculously loud snorts. 

We had lunch in Brussels. It was cold. It was wet. I think this dampened (HA!) the experience. I can't say I loved this town. The lunch was bad, so bad! 

The chocolate and macaroons made up for everything though. Belgium chocolate is the closest thing to heaven, I think. Everyone had samples, I tried the salted caramel first, to die for! Brian and I bought a couple macaroons and chocolates = happiness. 

We went and saw the little peeing man and then got back on the bus headed for Bruges.

Arrived in Bruges!! The weather is less than perfect. Lots of rain! Brian and I ran to the supermarket when we got to town and grabbed some laundry detergent. It was 2 euro! I washed some clothes while Brian slept. I washed SO much in the sink and then covered our room to dry everything. It looks crazy in here! 

I met up with Holly while BJ slept and Scott worked to go do some shopping. We really needed to find Scott a sweater since the temp dropped so much. That's all we ended up buying, besides chocolate, nail polish and tooth paste. We're wild in our old(er) age! 

Dinner with the group was next at Maximilian. Vegetable broth was so good. I can't believe I'm tying that. I loved it! We had chicken and veggies and it wasn't horrible. 

Max looking over us during dinner.
On the way back to the hotel from dinner, we found this neat little pub. It was fabulous! So good. They had 12 different beers on tap, that they make locally. We got the sampler and tried them all. I found one that I really liked! 

Coaster on top means we liked it 

This woman came in at some point during the night and live painted. It was so cool! I think we tried to buy the painting at some point, I know we tried talking to her. She wasn't interested. Let's just say she didn't speak our language. That will make it sound a lot better. 

We tour Bruges tomorrow, can't wait! Then off to Paris!! 

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