That Charcuterie Tho...

08 June 2016

I really love a good charcuterie board! Brian and I have gotten to where we'll fix one for lunch or dinner sometimes and we switch up the meats and cheeses. I quickly put this one together one Saturday afternoon and had to grab a quick picture of it. It was almost too pretty to eat, then we devoured it. This one includes: pickles, stone ground mustard, salami, sharp cheddar, blue cheese, bread and prosciutto. We might have had my favorite, Mediterranean hummus and pretzel chips to the side. Sometimes I add apples or other meats. I kind of stick to these cheeses unless Brian comes with me to the store and picks the others out :) 

It's so easy and so delicious. Try it with a glass of wine. And if you have it for lunch with the glass of wine, I won't judge you ;) 


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