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14 May 2015

Well... I missed Mother's Day... by almost a week. But I can't miss an opportunity to shine light on all the woman I love so dear! Especially this one in the picture above. My number one fan and support since day one! 
We celebrated together in Nashville and I loved being with my mom on her special day! I couldn't do life without her constant encouragement and guidance. She's really my rock. Don't get me wrong, Brian is too... but you know a girl will always hold a very, very special place for her mama. 

This past year my family expanded by way of marriage. I have two grandmas of my own and two by marriage. I love each one of them dearly! They are the best! Top left is Grandma Peggy (my moms mom) Grandma Middlekauff (Susan's mom) on the top right, Nene Johnston on the bottom left (Donnie's mom) and Mamaw Hale on the bottom right (Dad's mom)

And my loving, supportive and wonderful mother-in-law!! 
I love you all and I'm so thankful for each one of you! And I'm sorry I'm late :) 

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