throwback thursday.... 2010 flashback

31 January 2013

Recently I've started using my old camera, you're probably wondering why I'm telling you this.... Well, cause it's been dead for about 2 years but I finally figured out a way to charge it.. and it takes amazing pictures so now I'm using it all the time. Mainly to take photos of my apartment and craft projects. I feel like it's time I step up from an iPhone camera.. especially since I own 3 cameras. Redic, I know. 2 have been dead for years!! 

So anyway, as I was transferring pictures of my newly painted kitchen (!!!!) I found so many old pictures that were fabulous. They go all the way back to like 2007! I enjoyed that walk down memory lane (like usual) but I REALLY enjoyed the ones from my last day of work as a TV reporter. 

Matt followed me around for the last hour and documented everything, Including me going through hair and makeup for the last show :/. I always have mixed feelings about being out of the new business and these pics really make me miss it! Enjoy :) 

Perfecting the poof, it has to be just right!! Notice the clock, 5 mins til showtime! Seems like it was always a race to get to set on time.

just a couple more sprays.... must have a helmet head to work in the news business :)  AND that look on my face, gracious... why do I always do this while spraying?!

Waiting on set, just minutes out. I will never forget this day because the AC was out on the set. We were broadcasting from the hallway but reporters still had to pitch stories from the set, HOTT!!!! 

andddd..... standby.... 

....take Alex! Go time, good-bye TV world! 
Can you believe I'm reporting on sports?! I did my fair share, I think Joaquin even made me an honorary member of the sports team since I did a few stories for him. So there's my walk down memory lane for the day... and if you are interested in seeing the story.. I posted the link below! :) 

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